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$260 million allocated for NSW infrastructure

Two programs will coordinate the repair and rebuilding of infrastructure impacted by natural disasters

Funding of $260 million has been awarded to NSW councils and state government agencies for the repair or rebuilding of infrastructure impacted by natural disasters over the past three years.

A total of 136 projects across the state will be constructed to a more resilient standard, through two jointly funded programs – the Infrastructure Betterment Fund and Community Local Infrastructure Recovery Package – Community Assets Program.

The Infrastructure Betterment Fund is focused on building back essential public assets, such as roads, bridges and drainage impacted by the storm and flood events in 2021 and 2022, as well as the 2019–2020 Black Summer bushfires.

The Community Assets Program is repairing and building back community assets, including parks, walkways, community buildings, and tourism and recreational facilities, impacted by the storm and flood events in February and June 2022.

The program’s key focus is on incorporating betterment principles into projects to make sure they are more resilient, while also focusing on accessibility and inclusion benefits of rebuilt assets.

Minister for Regional NSW Tara Moriarty says that, by providing this assistance, the NSW government is helping disaster impacted communities work towards greater flood resilience.

“High quality essential assets and community infrastructure are what drive local economies,” Moriarty says.

“For example, we’re investing $10 million to combine, relocate and improve two of Tweed Shire council’s works depots to a single site outside of the high-risk flood zone. It is projects like this that will allow services to stay open and operating so they can keep supporting their communities during future natural disasters.”

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