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888CSE: mobile plant ‘redefines’ aggregate washing

The Superior Industries mobile Aggredry plant from 888 Crushing and Screening Equipment (888CSE) offers high-efficiency washing for aggregate

In the world of aggregate washing, efficiency is key. Whether it’s for construction projects, industrial applications or mining operations, the need to maximise production while minimising resource consumption is paramount.

Enter the Superior Industries mobile Aggredry plant distributed by 888CSE – an industry innovation that 888CSE says redefines the standards of aggregate washing.

Combining the functionalities of a large 20×6 triple deck, horizontal wet aggregate screen, fine sand screw and a dewatering screen, all on a single portable chassis, the Aggredry washer offers a comprehensive solution for material processing.

Designed to be versatile, it can be deployed anywhere a fine screw might be used, but with added benefits that surpass traditional methods. Its primary goal? To increase production efficiency through its superior screening, dewatering and fines recovery capabilities.

The magic of the portable Aggredry washer lies in its innovative design. As the feed material is washed and screened into specific aggregate and sand sizes, the fine material traverses through the washer’s screw section. Here, the separation process isolates clay, dirt and fines, ensuring that only high-quality sand advances to the attached dewatering screen.

Setting up the mobile plant is much easier than a fixed or modular plant. Image: 888CSE

But what 888CSE says truly sets the portable Aggredry plant apart is its sustainability. Using its patented jet system, valuable fine materials are reclaimed and promptly redirected back to the screw, preventing them from ending up as waste in tailings ponds.

Moreover, the Aggredry washer boasts impressive results in moisture reduction. Sand is stockpiled as low as 8–10 per cent moisture, ready for sale. This not only streamlines operations but also translates into boosted profits, 888CSE says.

Setting up the portable Aggredry plant is also simple, when compared to a fixed or modular plant. Whether at a remote job site or increasing production within an existing operation, users can generate aggregate and sand within just a few hours.

“The Superior Industries Portable Aggredry Plant represents a significant leap forward in portable aggregate washing technology,” 888CSE says.

“The mobile Aggredry trailer is currently in stock in South Australia and is  available for immediate sale, or long-term hire, anywhere in Australia.

“Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionise your aggregate washing operations with this cutting-edge solution.”

888CSE is a distributor for Superior Industries in Australia. For more information on the Superior Industries mobile Aggredry plant, visit

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