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Additional $432 million allocated to Coomera Connector

The Queensland government has announced further funding for Stage 1 of the Coomera Connector project

The Queensland government has announced that it will commit an additional $432 million to the Coomera Connector Stage 1 to help cover the rising cost of labour and materials and the demand for specialist construction equipment. The state government is now looking for a matching contribution from the federal government.

The Coomera Connector will provide an alternative route to the M1 for local journeys and will alleviate M1 congestion by accommodating an estimated 60,000 daily trips, the state government says.

Stage 1 covers 16km, from Coomera to Nerang, and features additional bridge crossings at the Coomera and Nerang Rivers. A shared user path is now included in the design.

Stage 1 North of the project is currently underway, with community consultation ongoing for Stage 1 Central and tenders being assessed for the Stage 1 South package. Stage 1 North will open progressively from late 2025.

Due to the rising cost of labour and materials, as well as the industry supply and demand challenges for specialist construction equipment, a further $864 million is required to complete Stage 1.

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Some of the cost pressures for Stage 1 are due to double-digit market escalation and inflation since the business case was approved in 2021 and the presence of contamination including PFAS chemicals and asbestos on site.

Other factors have also contributed to the increase, including changes to design standards, evolving scope of works through the design process, such as six-laning the Central package, increased scope of environmental investigations and management plans and adverse ground conditions discovered through the design process.

“The Coomera Connector will provide significant benefits, helping to ease traffic congestion between the Gold Coast and Logan and enable locals to avoid the M1, and to make shorter and easier trips,” Queensland manager for transport and main roads Bart Mellish says.

“Cost increases are not unexpected in the current economic climate, and the Coomera Connector project is not immune to these pressures.

“We have committed our share of this additional cost because we recognise how critical the Coomera Connector is not only for South East Queensland, but also our state’s economic prosperity.”


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