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Measurable water spray system developed by Brisbane’s ADE

Brisbane-based Australian Diversified Engineering (ADE) has released the ECO Spray Premium System for measurable dust suppression on mining haul roads, a product it says is a world-first that can save millions of dollars and billions of litres of water every year.

As mine operators know, dust suppression is a precise and important task. Spray too much water and the road becomes a slippery mess and a major safety hazard for the 500-tonne plus trucks that use the road. Spray too little water, however; and clouds of dust can obscure the road causing it to be shut down.

Waiting for the dust to settle and the road to re-open can cost an average of $1.5 million per hour.

ADE says its Electronically Controlled Operating (ECO) Spray Premium System is the only water truck spraying system that allows operators to set a specific level of water for the sprayer. This means that exactly the right amount of water coverage can be achieved every time.

The coverage rate can be changed on the fly to adapt to any changing conditions on the site.

On a worksite, water typically costs about $2000 per megalitre. ADE says using the ECO Spray Premium System across a fleet of five trucks operating 18 hours a day can save 4 million litres of water per day, or 1.4 billion litres per year – a saving of around $2.9 million.

“Mine operators know the significant costs and dangers of over- or under-watering haul roads, but until now there was no way of measuring exactly how much water was being applied, and whether it met industry recommendations,” ADE general manager Clive Gray says. “ECO Spray Premium totally removes the guesswork, and can save mine operators time, money and water as a bonus.”

Being able to control the water coverage rate in turn allows for more effective and accurate planning. Before beginning work the amount of water needed can be determined, as well as the fuel needed for the job and the location of water refill points. This all leads to increased productivity and profitability.


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