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Ag-Pride imports remote controlled track mowers

Ag-Pride has imported Bomford Turner’s Flailbot range into Australia, with the remote-controlled track mowers emerging as an essential product in vegetation clearance

Growing up, most people loved the joys that remote controlled toys brought them, but that’s just the beginning of what remote control capability can be used for now.

With Bomford Turner’s Flailbot remote-control track mower range, vegetation in challenging terrains can be cleared from a safe distance – making operators’ lives much easier and safer.

These machines are no toy. Instead, they are emerging as a crucial companion for vegetation management contractors and those who need to access more hazardous areas.

UK-based Bomford Turner products are distributed locally through Ag-Pride Australia, which has identified that remote-control track mowers will be more widely used in the near future.

“These machines are well established in Europe, but there’s not as many in Australia,” Ag-Pride product manager Lance Hills says.

“It’s an emerging market in Australia and people are starting to realise that the cost of buying a tractor is almost the same as these Flailbots – but you don’t get remote-control operation with a tractor.”

Offered in four different models with a range of sizes including mini, compact, standard and supreme, Ag-Pride believes that the Flailbot original model is ideally suited to the market, with it boasting a 50 horsepower (37.3kW) Perkins engine.


Hills says the core beneficial aspect of the Flailbots is that they can reach hard-to-access areas and slopes, without the operator having to sit or stand on the machine – improving safety.

Using remote control, operators can drive the Flailbot from up to 150m away at speeds of up to 7km/h, keeping them at a safe distance.

The tracked mower is designed to operate on slopes with up to a 55-degree working angle, with Hills saying that most sit-on mowers and larger machines would not be able to access areas on this type of angle.

The underbody skin prevents external debris from entering internal components. Image: Ag-Pride

“On these types of slopes, you need a low-profile machine that’s very stable,” he says.

“There aren’t really any machines that operators can sit on when working at a 55-degree angle, so that’s where the Flailbot is essential.”

If operators were using sit-on mowers for this kind of work, it could lead to a roll over and potential injury, so Hills says remote-control ability provides much more safety when dealing with challenging terrain. The remote control also allows operators to remotely stop and start the machine, as required.


Versatility is one word that encapsulates this compact, but impressive, mower range.

The machines can be used in a wide variety of applications thanks to the many optional tools and attachments, including a forestry head, stump grinder, trencher and front end loader to name a few.

“These tools and attachments replicate a tractor by turning a single machine into a multipurpose unit,” Hills says.

These options are in addition to the standard flailhead on the original model, suited to cutting all types of green vegetation with a diameter of up to 35mm.

Versatility is once again highlighted, with three different track options offered on the Flailbot. The standard rubber tracks are made with a low impact tread pattern and have been designed for general terrain, while the ‘hi-grip’ option has a deep tread pattern – offering better grip for more challenging surfaces.

For wet areas and steep slopes, Hills says the metal spiked track option is the way to go.

Operators can drive the Flailbot using the remote-control from up to 150m away. Image: Ag-Pride

“It has steel-linked tracks with spiked studs that protrude from the tracks, and this aids in the stability of the machine,” he says.

The ability to widen the tracks is also available as standard on the original model, Hills says, which allows the operator to extend individual tracks by up to 250mm – offering additional stability on steep slopes.


With any mowing work, grass and other materials are destined to cover a machine, but Hills says Bomford Turner’s compact innovation makes cleaning and maintenance easier.

The cooling fan inside the machine can be put in reverse operation to blow material away from the radiator – reducing potential damage and making cleaning on the run easier.

A tough underbody skin is also structurally integrated into the frame, with Hills saying it further prevents debris from entering the Flailbot and protects its internal components as a result.

The frame includes flashing LEDs, while powerful headlights are included to maintain high visibility and allow for night work.

With other brands of these types of machines starting to emerge in Australia, Hills believes Bomford Turner stands alone due to its history of more than 100 years.

“The quality of the Bomford Turner brand and its history in vegetation control machinery make the Flailbot remote-control track mower stand apart from its competitors.”

For more information on the Bomford Turner Flailbot remote-control track mowers, head to or call 02 4964 8818.

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