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Ag-Pride’s Berti range has something for everyone

With over 500 mulcher models to choose from, Ag-Pride Australia has something for everyone with the Berti range

Berti ECF mulcher

Berti’s new professional mulcher range, available Down Under through Ag-Pride Australia, powers through heavy vegetation and regrowth.

The hydraulically driven mulchers are designed specifically to fit skid steer and compact track loaders, hydraulic drive machines and excavators of between 1.5 tonnes and 30 tonnes.

Ag-Pride product manager Lance Hills says the Italian manufacturer is a family business that has grown and become extremely specialised in designing and producing industry leading machines in recent years.

With an insistence on using quality components, coupled with modern engineering and manufacturing processes, Berti Macchine Agricole SpA has been building agricultural machinery for more than 60 years, and has been selling in Australia for more than 35, he adds.

The professional range encompasses 37 different mulcher models in varying working widths with cutting diameters ranging from 2cm on the Green/SB mulcher for 1.5–2.5 tonne mini excavators through to 40cm on the EFX/SB mulchers for 25–35t excavators.

The professional range is technologically advanced and has been designed to comply with European Union directives.

Hills also says the mulchers make best use of quality Italian engineering.

“They design and build them for an application, and they build quality into them,” Hills says.

“They use quality components, and they don’t compromise on quality at all. When it comes to hydraulics, Berti insists on using depending on the model, Bosch, Rexroth and Casappa hydraulic motors, which are well known and recognised for quality.

“They use SKF and FAG-branded bearings throughout their production and very good high-performance steels such as Strenx and Hardox in many of the bodies and heavy wear parts.

“Their blade rotors, which are the heart of every machine, are made using specialised extruded steel tube for added strength and durability.

“The quality is what they’ve always focused on; they don’t build machines just to try and be the cheapest.”

Ag-Pride also distributes Berti’s agricultural assortment of mulchers – fit for clearing pastureland – meaning it can distribute more than 500 models across the country.

Hills says an example of Berti’s ability to cater for different use requirements is in its ability to design certain models for the municipal industry and specifically for roadside and embankment work.

“Ultimately, though, the emphasis Berti puts on quality from its Italian manufacturing plant and our commitment to genuine parts support here in Australia is what makes its Australian customers happy,” he adds.

“A lot of customers comment about the good quality of cut in our pasture mulchers.

“When it comes to our orchard mulchers, it is the quality of finish and specifically the refinement of the prunings. You don’t end up with big chunks of wood at the back of the machine after a pass.”

Hills adds that the group is well regarded for the refinement of what comes out the back of the product.

“We do get repeat business – we have a lot of horticulture and viticulture customers that buy our machines because of the job they do, the long life which they get from the product and the aftersales support with parts and service, which we provide here in Australia.”

Ag-Pride distributes Berti models and other equipment throughout Australia. To find the branch closest to you, visit

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