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Product focus: Agrison TX926 multi-purpose wheel loader

The Agrison TX926 multi-purpose wheel loader is being embraced by everyone from civil contractors to farmers due to its rugged design, heavy lifting capacity and ease of operation.

Agrison believes in incorporating reliable mechanics, and says that this, coupled with the machine’s back-to-basics design and focus on the vital functions of a loader, is what operators appreciate the most. 

Agrison generators and loaders manager Nick Yokus says feedback from customers indicates that they appreciate the TX926’s raw, no-nonsense lift capability, its “compact, but not too small” size and the fact that you don’t need to be an auto electrician to do maintenance on it.

The 5.5-tonne wheel loader has a 2-tonne lift load, a 0.75-cubic-metre bucket capacity and a 2.75-metre maximum dump height. You can reach full-lift from the ground in less than five seconds.

Controlled via a joystick, the hydraulics are all fluid-operated, Yokus says.

“It’s a back to basics style of technology that works the best here because electric hydraulics can give you problems, and obviously operators don’t want that,” he says. “It’s an older style of technology, but it is proven to be the most reliable and easiest to work on, and that’s why we use it.”

The Agrison TX series loaders use a dry disk-and-pad brake system which is combined with self-cleaning air over hydraulic disk brakes for improved operator efficiency.

The engine is a four-stroke turbo diesel that delivers 65kW (87hp) of power via a PowerShift automatic hydrostatic transmission with two forward and two reverse gears

The Agrison TX926 loader can be road-registered for Australia, so travel between worksites is a cinch.

Its ROPS/FOPS cabin is pillarless, which gives the operator good all-around visibility. The windows are slightly tinted and the cabin has full air-conditioning, a heater and a fan.

Yokus says there are a number of touches that make the loader comfortable and safe, such as a height-adjustable armrest, ergonomic seat, doors on both sides, a colour reversing camera as standard and a rear support bar behind the seat to protect the rear window.

The Agrison TX926 wheel loader comes with a hydraulic quick-hitch, heavy-duty four-in-one bucket, a general bucket and square pallet forks.

Other attachments available include post-hole diggers, sieve buckets, log-grabbers and rippers, so this loader can be used for a wide-range of applications.

 There are eight models in the Agrison TX wheel loader range that are built to suit different sizes of work sites and job applications.

“They’ve been popular with everyone for firewood contractors, to farmers and smaller civil contractors, recycling plants and contractors,” Yokus says. “It’s just a good, all-round, heavy-duty machine.

“We keep a huge stock of spare parts for these and we have a strong focus on after-sales service.”

It always depends on the job you are doing, he adds, “but these are very fuel efficient”.

If you are picking up heavy loads, Yokus says, it might use six litres an hour, but consumption is more like four or five litres an hour for regular use. The loader can hold a maximum of 65 litres of fuel.

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