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Anaconda scalping screen best fit for Uscreenit

For Uscreenit’s Neville Bussa, the development of a strong relationship with Onetrak and the Anaconda brand led to the purchase of a FSL100 scalping screen

Uscreenit is a dry hire company on Sydney’s South Coast, specialising in the hire of screens and conveyors. This family-run business is headed by Neville Bussa, with his son Ben also working for the company.

Having been involved in the recycling industry for many years, Bussa started hiring out a screen here and there – eventually expanding the business to run a fleet of 35 machines.

Uscreenit was established back in 2010 and continues to support customers across Australia’s eastern seaboard.

Over the years Bussa has owned a variety of machines, including reclaimers and incline screens from many different manufacturers.

He also has an extensive range of Anaconda equipment, including stackers, reclaimers, incline double and triple deck screens.

As the business has grown in recent years due to a high demand for equipment, Uscreenit’s fleet has expanded with 10–15 machines purchased during this expansion phase.

Many of these purchases have been from the Anaconda range and, when asked what his reason is for choosing Anaconda over the other brands, Bussa says: “I wanted to explore a different supplier that I could build a good relationship with.

“Fortunately, I was able to do this with Onetrak and with their product support manager for crushing and screening Jason MacDonald. Anaconda also has great products, and I was especially interested in the FSL100.”

Bussa first encountered Onetrak at the Diesel Dirt and Turf Expo at Eastern Creek back in 2021 where Bussa first saw the FSL100. Since then, the relationship has grown, as has the Uscreenit fleet.

“It is also about price, availability and service, which Onetrak and Anaconda have been able to provide,” Bussa says.

The Anaconda FSL100 scalping screen has been designed to deal with heavy-duty scalping applications and is one of the most robust and reliable scalping screens on the market, says Onetrak.

It’s the simple operation that attracted Bussa to the FSL100 scalping screen. Credit: Onetrak

Complete with a heavy-duty 12ft (3.66m) double deck vibrating grid, it can be fed directly with an articulated truck, loader or excavator, or work in conjunction with a crusher. Built to handle the toughest of applications, the FSL100 has the capacity to deal with up to 375 tonnes of material per hour, dependent on how it is fed.

When asked to compare Anaconda to other machines on the market, Bussa says: “There are potentially more sophisticated machines in the top end of the market, but it comes down to the simplicity of the Anaconda. The top end can sometimes be too complex. My preference is for a non-computerised machine. The new Anaconda range is very good.”

In the dry hire business, the machinery needs to be robust and reliable with good back-up and service. The feedback he has received from his customers when hiring is that the machines are easy to operate and simple to use.

Regarding Anaconda in general, Bussa says: “I have found Anaconda to be great. When there has been an issue, they are proactive in listening to the customers and making changes that make the machines better for the future. They seem to be in it for the long-haul.”

He adds that he is more than happy to recommend Onetrak and Anaconda, with support and back-up from Jason MacDonald and his team being particular stand-outs.

Onetrak is the official dealer for Anaconda equipment. Visit or call 1300 727 520 to get in touch with Jason MacDonald and the team.

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