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Ant International: quality earthmoving attachments

Ant International uses its manufacturing facilities to provide quality earthmoving attachments that are designed and built for Australian conditions

Operating as a family owned and run business, Ant International has been supplying quality earthmoving attachments to the Australian market for more than 20 years.

Having started out as a foundry business in 1985, producing metal castings, Ant International used that knowledge and experience to move into earthmoving attachment fabrication in 1999 – where it has been supplying bucket manufacturers and machine dealers ever since.

With its workshop based in Rocklea, Brisbane, the business had previously focused on providing attachments locally in Queensland, but in the last decade has moved to offer its products nationwide.

“Up until 2016 we had only been supplying to major dealers and bucket manufacturers locally, but since then we have been retailing our excavator attachments and wear parts as well,” Ant International general manager Charlotte Liao says.


Ant International is not just a distributor of quality earthmoving attachments – it’s also a manufacturer.

Compared to its competitors, Liao says Ant International’s point of difference is that it manufactures attachments specifically for Australian conditions within its own facilities.

Ant International provides ‘built to spec’ attachments to suit the working conditions, ensuring peak performance. Image: Ant International

“Some of our competitors don’t have their own manufacturing facility, so they import ready-to-go products out of China and other countries and sell it directly to customers,” Liao says.

“What separates us from those businesses is that we have our own manufacturing facility and workshop located in Rocklea, which enables us to provide our customers with customised service.”

Ant International supplies a wide range of excavator attachments, including GP, mud and tilt buckets, rippers, hydraulic grabs, hitches and compaction wheels – all designed and built for Australian conditions.

“We design our products with full control over the production process and the materials used,” Ant International production manager Lex Treloar says.

“This means we have complete control over the quality of tools we sell, and we never settle for less than the very best.”

Built to last

With many of its products being ordered daily, quality and durability are key selling points of Ant International attachments, Liao says.

Depending on customer needs the business can fabricate customised earthmoving attachments that are built to last.

“Our custom designs provide more variety for customers and our team of experienced and professional staff can work closely with the customer to make the attachment or accessory to the customer’s specification,” Liao says.

“We expect that every single product we send out the door will thrive on worksites and in the field, lasting many years.”

To back up its high-value products, the business also offers an aftersales service to help its customers with anything they may need, such as spare parts.

Ant International stocks spare parts at its Rocklea-based workshop and warehouse, from large components such as hydraulic cylinders down to small spare parts such as bushes and bearings. If the parts needed are not in stock, it can provide a suitable alternative solution for its customers.

Treloar says that, with its competitively-priced products, customers can be assured that Ant International’s attachments are produced to the highest standards.

Ant International is a proud member of the ‘Hardox in My Body’ program, which is a symbol of world class quality. Combined with its background of foundry experience and metallurgical knowledge, it can select the right steel for Australian conditions.

Correct material selection ensures the toughness and longevity of every Ant International product. Image: Ant International

“Our partnerships and knowledge signifies that our products are made of first-class steel that delivers the highest level of wear resistance and impact strength,” Treloar says.

Saving time and money over the lifespan of the attachment, the Ant International production manager says choosing quality steel reduces overall bucket weight by 20 to 25 per cent, with its useful life being extended by 50 per cent.

Looking to the direction Ant International plans to take in the new financial year, Liao says the business will be actively pushing its new hydraulic hitch models suited for machines of eight tonnes and under.

“We believe in our quality, and we are able to back this up with genuine aftersales service as well.”

For more information on Ant International’s earthmoving attachments, visit or call 07 3710 6700.

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