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ASV launches new compact forestry track loader

ASV’s new compact track loader packs a punch in forestry projects

The ASV RT-135 Forestry Max-Series posi- track loader

ASV Sales & Service says its new compact track loader (CTL) is the largest and most powerful vehicle of its type in Australia.

The ASV RT-135 Forestry Max- Series posi-track loader delivers 10 per cent more power and features a fuel tank 83.2L larger than the previous RT-120 model, meaning operators can work faster, for longer.

“Operators have been clamouring for a Max-Series version of the RT-120, but we’re giving them something even better,” ASV product manager Buck Storlie said at the launch of the RT-135 in December last year.

“The Max-Series RT-135F is a premium machine right out of the gate. We took all the comforts of the Max-Series and combined them with a machine that’s ready to go to battle.

“It’s faster, stronger, more productive and is capable of keeping up with the ever-growing list of high- flow attachments used on today’s toughest jobs.”

The RT-135 compact track loader is powered by a turbocharged 3.8L Cummins engine that produces 132 horsepower (98.4kW) and 488Nm of torque. Power produced by the engine is transferred through direct-drive hydraulic motors to make manoeuvring through even the toughest of terrains easier.

Its rated operating capacity of 2,427kg, adjustable track speed and creep mode allows the RT-135 to help operators boost their productivity in the field.

ASV’s patented posi-track rubber- track suspension is designed to be flexible and to allow the operator to achieve faster speeds, up to 16km/h, while heavy duty brush guarding, a roof hatch escape and auto reversing fan as standard also make a difference.

The 20-inch (50.8cm) tracks are fitted on suspended wheels and axles, designed to offer a smooth ride and improve traction in rough conditions, while the 381mm of ground clearance achieved by the RT-135 allows it to work in places where others cannot.

The RT-135 also boasts the new Max-Series 360-degree visibility cab which offers increased space, improved ergonomics, and an upgraded HVAC system with better circulation.

Technology wise, the pressurised cab features a seven-inch (17.8cm) colour touchscreen that allows for service scheduling, job management and passcode operator lockout, as well as a Bluetooth radio with USB and standard connectivity ports.

ASV’s advanced controls, including an operator joystick, are customisable to cater for individual operator experience. An upgraded drive control system, which provides smoother and more responsive controls and is adjustable to speed modes, is also available.

Operator maintenance is performed through a three-panel hood that accesses the Cummins engine and tilting cooler arrangement in addition to hydraulic quick attach and service- friendly design to simplify inspections of filters, oil and other standard service items. The RT-135’s reward tilting cab ensures easy accessibility when further service is required.

ASV Sales & Service offers an unmatched bumper-to-bumper warranty on the ASV RT-135 posi-track and is based in Newcastle, New South Wales with two further branches on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and in Perth, WA.

ASV Sales & Service is also serviced by its extensive ASV dealership network, which extends throughout Australia.

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