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Atlas Copco launch two new portable generators

Atlas Copco has launched two new portable inverter power (iP) generators, the P2000i and P3500i, which it says offer a lightweight, efficient and reliable power source.

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An iP generator first produces high-voltage multi-phase AC power. The AC power is then converted into DC. The DC power is then inverted back into AC power but at the required voltage and frequency.

The generators have been designed for daily use with handheld power tools and have large-capacity fuel tanks of four and eleven litres respectively. Despite the fuel tanks the P200i weighs in at just 21kg and the P3500i at 45kg, making them light enough to be transported around sites as needed.

A variable speed control setting automatically adjusts engine speed within the generators depending on the load requirements. This helps keeps fuel consumption low. As a result, Atlas Copco says both models can operate continuously for up to six hours before refuelling.

In addition to the low fuel consumption, the generators can also be linked together and used in parallel to increase overall power capability without the need for a larger generator.

The generators are also fitted with noise-reducing canopies to keep engine noise levels at a level of around 63dBA, which is comparable with an electric razor.

“The new iP generators are the latest addition to Atlas Copco’s extensive range of portable power solutions and offer considerable value to users,” Atlas Copco product marketing manager Sergio Salvador says.

 “Construction sites are becoming more demanding in terms of power needs. Low noise levels are required on all metropolitan construction to avoid noise pollution,” Salvador says.

“In addition, wider environmental issues, such as reduction of CO2 emissions, are also a big consideration. Therefore easy transportation and reduced fuel consumption are a firm customer requirement.”


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