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Atlas Copco launches new 18-tonne underground loader

Industrial equipment manufacturer Atlas Copco has unveiled a new 18-tonne capacity underground loader suited for larger operations such as development work and production mining.

Atlas Copco says the new loader, called the Scooptram  ST18 is expected to be the  most productive Load-Haul-Dump (LHD) loader on the market and is designed to match its 60-tonne capacity Minetruck MT6020.

The company adds the ST18 and the MT6020 share many common parts and control system components, which could substantially reduce cost of total ownership.

“We know that this loader is long-awaited on the market,” says Ben Thompson, Product Manager at Atlas Copco.  

“The optimised bucket means better muck pile penetration, faster acceleration and faster dumping,” he says.

“The result is a better load factor on the truck and, in the end, a higher tonnage per month.”

Atlas Copco says the bucket and unique boom design combined with variable displacement pumps provide safe and efficient operations.

Together with the Atlas Copco Rig Control System which monitors, supports and controls all aspects of the operation; the company says the results are superior muck pile penetration, less wear and tear on the machine and an overall faster and more productive loading cycle.

In addition, the new Scooptram ST18 also features a spacious FOPS/ROPS approved and air-conditioned cab with extra leg room thanks to the Atlas Copco footbox.

Operator safety is top-of-mind with the loader’s many safety features including an automatic brake test, protection guards, 3-point access system, redundant steering system, safety latches, boom lock up, fire suppression systems, machine protection system etc.

To prolong the lifespan of the loader and maximise uptime, Atlas Copco has added automatic ride control, automatic declutch and automatic traction control to the model. The automatic ride control and automatic declutch increases the lifespan of the equipment and reduce spillage from the bucket while the automatic traction control reduces tyre wear and fuel consumption.

The addition of soft stops on the boom, bucket and steering also aim to reduce wear and tear on the machine.

The ST18 comes with a number of Atlas Copco Service products such as the RigScan- an advanced audit service product that offers a real-time, non-intrusive look at the equipment’s running condition and performance. Another product that comes with the new loader is the Remote Monitoring System that allows easy data monitoring through a user-friendly web interface.

A training program consisting of a classroom, simulator and on-site training for the Scooptram ST18 is also available through Atlas Copco.

Find out more about the machine on Atlas Copco’s website.

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