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Atlas Copco LT6005 rammer wins iF design award

Atlas Copco has taken home a prestigious 2015 iF Product Design Award for its LT6005 rammers, which are built slimmer and lighter for compaction work in confined areas.

The Stockholm, Sweden-based company says the LT rammers were designed through both research and customer input, resulting in a product with a number of operator-friendly improvements.

One of these is a slimmer design that makes the rammer easier to use and increases visibility — the operator needs to lean 50 percent less to the side in order to get full visibility of the foot. The user grip area has gone the other way, being increased by 300 percent for better control.

Atlas Copco says other features include improved safety, reduced weight, high compaction efficiency and better ergonomics.

“Thorough research and a tight cooperation between R&D and our Industrial Design Team have been success factors in the development of the new LT Rammers,” says Atlas Copco light compaction equipment technical development manager Fredrik Hägglund. “With a strong user focus, we managed to increase the balance of the machine, making it extremely easy to handle.

“Easy service is a high priority for our customers,” Hägglund adds. “With the new design we have managed to meet those high expectations. And even though receiving the iF Product Design Award was an honour, the real joy lies in the knowledge that we can offer our customers a great product.”

Atlas Copco says the LT6005 rammer and its cousin the LT5005 both use purpose-built Honda GXR120 engines that deliver high impact force and speed, and are particularly well suited to tough clay and silt soils.

The engines also promise low noise and emission levels, protection against dirt and contamination plus easy start-up, even with irregular use.

Rollers on the steering bar and a lifting handle on the foot help with moving and storing, and the fuel tank is tightly sealed to prevent the risk of leakage in case the machine needs to be laid down during transport.

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