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Austroads releases new tech specs for road building

New technical specifications and test methods for pavement materials and road surface treatments are now available

Austroads has published new technical specifications for the supply of pavement materials and the application of road surface treatments, and new and updated test methods for the design, production and placement of asphalt and spray seal pavements.

New technical specifications ATS 3125, ATS 3130 and ATS 3135 outline the requirements for the supply of fillers, coarse and fine aggregate, and reclaimed asphalt pavement material used in the manufacture of asphalt.

Technical specifications ATS 3465 and ATS 3466 focus on the supply and application of coloured and high friction pavement surface treatments.

The technical specifications are available here:

The technical specifications reference a new test method ATM 058 and updated test methods ATM 191, ATM 192 and ATM 250.

ATM 058 has been developed for assessing aggregate shape as a ratio of Average Greatest Dimension to Average Least Dimension.

ATM 191, ATM 192 and ATM 250 set out procedures for extracting bituminous binders from bituminous mixtures, the determination of viscosity of binders recovered from RAP source materials, and the determination of the surface texture depth of road surfaces, by the sand patch technique.

The new test methods are available here:

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