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Bedrock attachments now available from Tilly’s

With the range of quality Bedrock attachments now available from Tilly’s Crawler Parts, there are more reasons than ever to check Tilly’s out online

When it comes to convenience, competitive pricing and great customer service, Tilly’s Crawler Parts in Toowoomba, Queensland, is leading the way for earthmoving parts and equipment.

Tilly’s carries over 40,000 new alternative part lines in its warehouse, and its long-term promise of ‘Right Part, Right Price, Right Now’ is even more evident with an extensive online offering.

With a history spanning nearly 40 years, the last few years have seen the Tilly’s business model transition from a machine dismantling and used parts-focus to an innovative, forward-thinking company offering quality, affordable new parts and attachments for machine owners and operators across Australia.

Tilly’s commitment to providing a superior customer experience doesn’t stop with its extensive inventory or online platform – it extends to its knowledgeable and experienced sales team.

Tilly’s boasts a team of skilled parts interpreters that understands the intricacies of earthmoving machinery and is always ready to assist customers in finding the perfect parts for their specific needs. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the industry, Tilly’s sales team is there to guide you, ensuring that you make informed decisions every step of the way.

Bedrock boost

One of the more recent additions to Tilly’s huge parts inventory is its extensive selection of Bedrock attachments. With a reputation as one of the world’s largest construction machinery attachment manufacturers, Bedrock provides an ever-expanding range of cost-effective alternatives, driven by quality and built to last.

Bedrock Attachments’ range includes, but is not limited to, ripper groups, scrub canopies, front blades, sweeps and stick rakes. Wheel loader forks and variations of quick hitch and thumbs suitable for a range of excavators are just part of the range in stock now, with many more available to order.

Feedback from Tilly’s customers shows that they are loving the Bedrock gear.

“SB Grader Hire runs a fleet of six Cat 150M graders and we utilise Bedrock front dozer blades on five of these tractors,” SB Grader Hire owner Stephen Banks says.

“We find they are nearly half the price of other products but give the same results and haven’t had one fail. Tilly’s always gives us the best deal and the service is great!”

Bradley Stallman, the owner of Stallcher Earthmoving in Queensland, was also left impressed with a Bedrock quad ripper and a foldable stick rake for his D6R tractor, saying they were “easy to fit, well-built and continue to give us a great run. They are great value for money and continue to be straight and true.”

Tilly’s makes doing business easier with a $3,000 (inc GST) instant credit account for new customers. The process for signing up is quick, simple and convenient and the advantages of having a Tilly’s online account include access to invoices and payment, re-ordering and preferential pricing.

Tilly’s understands the time constraints on its customers, who are often only able to look at ordering or researching machinery after-hours. This is why the Tilly’s team has been working hard to get its entire inventory available online, with a simple add-to-cart system enabling ordering 24/7 and order confirmation by the friendly team within one business day.

For more information on the Tilly’s range of spare parts and new Bedrock attachments, visit:

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