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Belting along with Gates Australia

New power transmission products will help operators reduce downtime, Gates Australia says.

Gates Australia says its belts offer benefits over standard roller chains

Gates Australia offers multiple options in terms of power transmission products, which the company says will help business reduce downtime on their equipment.

There are two types of synchronous belts – the Poly Chain GT Carbon and PowerGrip GT4.

The Poly Chain GT Carbon is maintenance and stretch-free and offers many benefits over standard roller chains, the manufacturer says.

These include 400 per cent greater capacity than HTD timing belts, five per cent energy savings over v-belts and outlasting roller chains up to four-to-one and roller chain sprockets up to 10-to-one.

They also require no stretch, lubrication or re-tensioning and have 99 per cent efficiency for the life of the drive, Gates says.

An ability to handle extreme temperatures makes the PowerGrip GT4 stand out, according to Gates.

The PowerGrip offers high horsepower despite its narrow size, which means a smaller sprocket size can be used.

Gates says the belt can operate in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 120°C, with intermittent use up to 140°C, while also being suitable for hazardous and explosive areas during to its static conductive properties.

Another option Gates provides in the Predator V-belt, which is designed for tough working environments such as high-powered motors, shock loads from sudden starts, high temperatures and contamination from oil or solvent.

Gates says these maintenance-free belts can handle 2.2 times the power of an equivalent-sized standard belt, while weighing 63 per cent less.

By replacing six standard belts with three Predator V-belts, Gates says higher performance and less weight will be achieved, which also saving money as the lighter belts put less strain on more expensive components.

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