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BGC plasterboard and fibre cement businesses sold

Etex has announced its acquisition of BGC’s plasterboard and fibre cement businesses to expand its sustainable offering in Australia and New Zealand

Etex, a Belgium-based global building materials manufacturer, has closed the acquisition of West Australian construction materials company BGC’s plasterboard and fibre cement businesses. Through this deal, Etex expands its sustainable activities in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Included in this deal is BGC’s plasterboard plant in Western Australia – a 56,000 square metre facility located in Perth – and a network of nine warehouses across Australia and New Zealand.

Etex now has 24 sites across Australia, almost 600 staff and brands such as Siniat plasterboard and metal, Promat passive fire protection and high-temperature insulation, Equitone fibre cement cladding panels and Skamol insulation systems.

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“We warmly welcome our 200 new teammates coming from BGC,” Etex CEO Bernard Delavaux.

“Joining forces with their plasterboard and fibre cement activities is a strategic opportunity for Etex. With this, we complement our gypsum footprint in Australia and, for our customers, we further increase the accessibility of our sustainable products and services. Moreover, we take a top three position in the fibre cement market and are eager to start delivering quality fibre cement to new customers.”

BGC CEO Danny Cooper adds: “I wish to thank all the BGC Plasterboard and Fibre Cement employees for their dedication over many years and for their hard work. It is our workforce that made these businesses a success and I am sure they will thrive and deliver value for Etex in the years to come. I would also like to thank our customer and supplier partners who have been great supporters of our plasterboard and fibre cement businesses for many years.”

Etex Australia states that it is the only manufacturer of plasterboard and metal systems in the country to offer an opt-in carbon neutral program called Opt2Act for a range of its Siniat products.


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