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BMES expanding Hercules loader range

Next year is going to be the year of the Hercules, with Brisbane Mini Excavator Sales significantly expanding its Hercules offering – with a huge new selection of loaders, graders, dozers and a telehandler becoming available in the new year

With the new year on the horizon, it’s time for a whole new suite of machinery to join the Brisbane Mini Excavator Sales (BMES) line-up.

Fans of the Hercules loader range will not only be getting access to a suite of new graders, dozers and a telehandler – the Hercules loader range itself will be upgraded and expanded with a set of 10 new models.

The BMES phones were understandably ringing off the hook when Earthmovers & Excavators spoke with sales executive Steven Ragenovich about the exciting growth being seen by the Yatala-based machinery group.

“We’ve just gone up four or five notches,” Ragenovich says.

“These are going to give the people a greater range of loaders, graders, telehandlers and dozers that suit their budgets and are backed up by the Australia-wide aftersales service we are known for.”

A Hercules HD 668 wheel loader, left, and a H850-2 loader. Credit: BMES
A Hercules HD 668 wheel loader, left, and a H850-2 loader. All images: BMES

The next evolution

The current range of Hercules wheel loaders will be getting a refresh with two different series in 2024 – the Hercules Series 2 and Hercules Loadmaster – which will mean a total of eight new loaders becoming available soon.

“The Series 2 models – the H700-2, H850-2, H1050-2, and the H1250-2 – are an upgrade of the previous H Series machines, which have been doing really well in the agricultural sector across Australia,” Ragenovich says.

“We’re always listening to our customers and frequently improving our machines. All the Hercules loader ranges are premium builds and will have the same complete parts support we are known for as the new range makes its way into the country.

“We invest a lot of time and money into our parts supply and parts interpretation, with two qualified parts interpreters on hand.”

The Series 2 Hercules models will give BMES customers a greater choice, he adds, with models starting at a seven-tonne operating weight with a 100 horsepower (75kW) engine and going up to a 25-tonne operating weight with a 275hp (205kW) engine in the HD series.

“The Series 2 models have many new design changes, with new engine cowlings and an enhanced systems display with more information for the operator and numerous other advancements,” Ragenovich says.

“The Loadmaster range of loaders – the HLM70, HLM85, HLM105 and HLM125 – which will have operating weights from seven tonnes to 12 tonnes, will be arriving in the new year.

“These have been designed for farmers looking for a budget option, but who still want a reliable machine.”

Two further loader models will also be joining the BMES offering, under the series name Hercules Max. These have been designed for budget-conscious buyers and will come in two models, the 12-tonne HRM120 and the 18-tonne HRM856.

“The Hercules Max was born out of a need for a larger loader alternative to our HD series loaders, at a reduced price without compromise in quality,” Ragenovich says.

Beyond loaders

With the Hercules loaders being so popular, BMES has now decided to offer its customers a variety of graders and dozers as well as a telehandler.

BMES has been introducing the Hercules graders to its loader clients and has already sold several to existing customers. There are two models available – the HG915 and HG140 – which have a 15-tonne and 18-tonne operating weight respectively, pending options.

The smaller HG915 comes with a 12-foot (3.65m) blade, while the HG140 has a 14-foot (4.26m) blade, and both have hydraulic rear rippers with optional front blades and scarifiers. Bush guards are also available. Both graders will be on show at Beef 2024, taking place in Rockhampton in May.

In addition to the graders, two new Hercules dozers will be on offer, with a variety of options, including rear rippers, four types of blade and optional bush guards. Weighing in at 24 tonnes and 30 tonnes, pending options, and boasting hydrostatic drives, these dozers will also be introduced at Beef 2024.

Finally, the Hercules 838 telehandler will come in at an operating weight of eight tonnes and the ability to lift three tonnes at an 8m reach.

“So many of our customers asked us to produce a quality low-cost telehandler to get the job done without the fanfare, so we are thrilled to be offering the H838 from the New Year,” Ragenovich says.

“It’s going to be a great addition to our line-up.”

Brisbane Mini Excavator Sales is increasing its Hercules range. Credit: BMES

Customer support

Building long-term relationships with customers has been the key to BMES’ success over the past 30 years, Ragenovich says, with the new offering being driven by customer demand for high quality, affordable and hard-wearing machinery.

“A key thing is the high level of aftersales support that we offer as well,” Ragenovich says.

“We now employ 20 full-time personnel and have in-field technical support from our technicians, so you’ll never be forgotten once you’re a customer of Brisbane Mini Excavator Sales.

“We have new customers ringing us daily, having heard of us through word of mouth. With our continued expansion of the Hercules loader ranges, more and more people across Australia are becoming familiar with what we can offer.

“Brisbane Mini Excavators is your one-stop shop. It’s going to be the year of the Hercules, so bring on 2024!”

Brisbane Mini Excavator Sales is located at 28 Old Pacific Highway, Yatala, and the full range can be viewed online at

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