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Bobcat brings T450 compact track loader to Aus

Construction equipment giant Bobcat has announced the release of the new T450 compact track loader in Australia, to be sold through Clark Equipment.

Bobcat says operator comfort is the focus of the new model. Although still a compact machine (it measures 1.49m wide and has an operating weight of 2.8 tonnes), the T450 boasts a larger cab than any of its predecessors. Operator controls have been ergonomically mounted inside the cab and an improved suspension seat provides support. 

Noise and vibration have been greatly reduced by attaching the exhaust muffler directly to the engine, avoiding the need for a flex element. The cab is also air-conditioned, an uncommon feature on loaders of this size according to Bobcat.

Operator visibility has been improved by positioning the operator as far forward in the cab as possible, bringing the operator closer to the working area of the machine. Window sizes have been increased over previous models and Bobcat says the machine has the largest cab doors on the market, allowing for easy entry and exit.

With all the focus on improving operator comfort Bobcat assures us that it hasn’t forgotten about machine performance.

The T450 features a 61-horsepower (45.5kW) Tier 4-compliant diesel engine, which is a 25 percent increase in horsepower over the previous model.

The hydraulic systems on the T450 have been designed to withstand pressure up to 3300 psi, which Bobcat says allows the machine to outperform some of the higher-horsepower loaders.

The T450 has an operating weight of 2789kg and a rated operating capacity of 907kg. With a standard bucket attached, the loader has a length of 3.2m and a width of 1.4m.

Bobcat has gone to great lengths to ensure the machine can handle long hours on difficult jobsites, with minimal downtime required for routine maintenance.

A specially designed rear bumper extends past the tailgate to protect the machine from obstacles and the machine features a solid steel tailgate, improved tie downs and more efficient machine cooling — all geared towards keeping the machine in service for as long as possible.

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