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Bobcat introduces utility tractors for heavy-duty work

Bobcat describes new utility tractors as “versatile workhorses”

Bobcat is expanding its tractor lineup with the launch of three utility tractors – the Bobcat UT6066, UT6566 and UT6573.  

The company says its utility tractors are built for heavy-duty work, and that they make it easier for operators of all experience levels to accomplish more on their acreage.    

The Bobcat UT6566. Image: Bobcat

“Designed with intuitive, operator-friendly controls, Bobcat utility tractors are dependable, easy to operate, and highly versatile machines that maximise performance and productivity,” says Jonathan Widmer, Bobcat senior product specialist.

“There’s less demand on operators so they can focus more on leaving behind great results, whether they’re putting an implement to work or moving material with the tractor’s loader.”    

Bobcat utility tractors feature 12×12 power shuttle transmissions that deliver shifting without stepping onto a clutch pedal.  

Powered by turbocharged, Tier 4 diesel engines, these versatile workhorses offer robust, high-power performance with impressive low-end torque, plus an efficient fuel system, the company adds.  

The Bobcat UT6573. Image: Bobcat

A climate-controlled cab comes standard on the UT6566 and UT6573. The utility tractors also feature wide glass panels, visibility to the three point  hitch, power and tilt steering, and ergonomic controls. 

Bobcat says that its optional front-end loader is easy to attach and disconnect, with free-standing capability when removed

It comes with the Bobcat Bob-Tach® attachment mounting system for quick and easy attachment changes and an integrated hydraulic valve for powered attachment operations. 

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