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Brisbane Mini Excavator Sales reveal EOFY Hercules deals

With the current financial year drawing to a close, check out great deals on Hercules Heavy Duty wheel loaders from Brisbane Mini Excavator Sales

With a busy field days season over the past couple of months, Brisbane Mini Excavator Sales (BMES) has been showcasing the build quality and versatility of its Hercules Heavy Duty range to Australia’s rural and regional areas.

With applications across a wide range of industries, the Hercules Heavy Duty wheel loader series covers four models, ranging from the 11-tonne HD636D to the 25-tonne HD676D.

Earlier this month, Rockhampton Beef Week saw BMES display a full suite of 15 machines, with BMES sales executive Steven Ragenovich saying it was a great way for new customers to see the quality of the build up close for themselves.

“We had everything from 21-tonne loaders to our 18-tonne grader on the stand, and it proved very successful,” he says.

“We find that if somebody buys a Hercules grader or a Hercules loader, they tend to go on and purchase other Hercules machines from us as well, we have a lot of repeat sales. These events are always very popular because people can observe and sight the machinery and see for themselves the advantages of our machinery over the rest.

“We’ve expanded our offering this year, so we’re just not civil or agricultural – we have loaders, graders, excavators and track loaders. Although a key focus has been the agricultural industry, we have Hercules loaders working in quarries, fertiliser, recycling and forestry applications as well.”

The Hercules Heavy Duty wheel loader range offers high quality for a great price. Image: BMES

Hercules HD668D wheel loader

The 21-tonne HD668Dhas been highly popular for a wide array of industries looking for a well-built, well priced wheel loader that brings a high level of versatility.

Boasting a 245 horsepower (182.7kW) Caterpillar nominated engine, the HD668D has a 4.2 cubic metre bucket capacity and a six-tonne lifting capacity. With a hydraulic quick hitch, different attachments can be quickly exchanged with minimal downtime.

“The HD668D has been particularly popular, with customers attracted to the quality components and the fact that it’s a high value option that provides excellent cost effectiveness for many commercial industries,” Ragenovich says.

“People are attracted to our loaders because they are not overly reliant on technology like sensors and ECUs. It won’t just suddenly go down and you need a qualified technician to find the problem.

“The Hercules HD series are known for their build strength and quality throughout Australia,” he says.

Hydraulic rear rippers are available. Image: BMES

End of financial year

With the end of the financial year just weeks away, BMES has a tempting offer for those looking to make a last-minute loader purchase.

“We have two units in stock of the 2023 model HD668D that are available for a reduced price – $195,000 + GST – and they’re ready to go within a week if anyone is wanting to spend some money before the end of the financial year,” Ragenovich says.

“We have pallet forks in stock for those machines as well as six-metre stick rakes and hydraulic rear rippers. Also, as an end-of-financial-year special, if you buy a HD668D, you will also receive a hydraulic 4-1 bucket for free.”

Based in Yatala, Queensland, BMES supplies and services Hercules Heavy Duty wheel loaders across Australia, with its over 35 years of experience contributing to producing reliable earthmoving equipment and providing quick access to spare parts and maintenance assistance.

Hercules loaders have a factory comprehensive 2,000-hour/two-year factory warranty on all new machines, with a 4,000-hour/two-year engine warranty. 

For more information on the HD series of loaders and to grab the last of the 2023 model HD668D
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