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Brooks Access supplying zero emission equipment

With the mining and construction industries aiming for a goal of net zero by 2050, Brooks Access is supplying its clients with zero emission equipment to help reach that goal

Electric and hybrid equipment represents a transformative leap in the mining and construction industries, offering a promising solution to address the challenges of sustainability, emissions reduction and operating efficiency.

By investing in renewable energy infrastructure, Brooks Access is providing a solution that not only lowers its clients’ carbon footprint, but also achieves long-term cost savings.

New to the Brooks Access fleet is the Genie Z-60FE and Z-45FE articulated booms. Like two machines in one, the FE models are the first articulated booms by Genie that operate fully electrically.

The ‘full electric’ mode can run for a full day, emission-free on a single charge. The ‘hybrid’ mode offers a full week of runtime on a single tank of diesel. When in hybrid mode, the diesel engine operates at optimal efficiency, charging the batteries at the same time, which then power the electric components of the machine.

Brooks Access workshop foreman Luke Johnston explains the motor in more detail.

“If the machine is under 85 per cent battery power, and you have it in hybrid mode, the engine will kick on when it needs to and charge it back up to 85 per cent, then turn off again,” Johnston says.

“While it’s doing this, you can continue to drive and operate the machine, while charging the batteries all at the same time.”

An added bonus to the FE models is that the AC motors are fully submersible. The oscillating axle enables the machine to traverse over uneven terrain and keep traction and stability for safe operation. Fitted with rough terrain tyres, the Genie FE models are versatile in all environments.

“You can drive the machine up and down any slope, in any drive mode, because they have full torque at all times,” Johnston says.

“With other machines, if you’re out of stow, their oscillating axle locks, which means if you drive it over a hole, that wheel won’t fall in the hole. However, if you slew the machine the other way, it can pick up the opposite wheel. In my opinion, this makes the Genie FE machine much nicer to use.”

Another benefit of using electric equipment is noise reduction. This is particularly beneficial on construction sites in built-up areas. Brooks Access says that the Genie FE models are extremely quiet machines that, on a dense urban site, could easily be used on a Sunday morning and the neighbours wouldn’t hear it.

Brooks Access has added several Genie hybrid articulated booms to its hire fleet. It can also offer clients solar panels and battery storage systems, making their entire work site emission-free.

To hire emission-free access equipment on your work site, call Brooks Access on 1300 276 657 or go to

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