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BTI Minerunner underground truck arrives in Australia

The Canadian-built Breaker Technology Minerunner all-purpose underground light vehicle has been launched in Australia by Astec.

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The decision to bring the all-purpose vehicle (APV) down under was made after extensive market analysis that showed there was a market for it here based on features such as a 1.8-tonne payload capacity (expandable up to 2.9 tonnes), low maintenance costs and fuel usage, a life cycle of over 10 years and operational flexibility, Astec Australia says.

The BTI Minerunner uses a four-wheel, all-hydraulic drive system which eliminates traditional brakes, differential and transmission systems.

 “Initial feedback has so far highlighted some additional features that would be nice to have,” National Product Manager John Williams says. “We’ve listened to that feedback and been able to adjust the specification or add as an option to the offer.”

He says these changes include right-hand drive, collision avoidance systems, a ROPS / FOPS personnel carrier with forward-facing seats, a zero-risk finance trial period and integration with special service options such as scissor lifts, ambulances and explosive transport.

Under the zero-risk finance option, approved mines will be able to set up the Minerunner on an operational lease over the life of the unit (five years) “for a similar cost of what their current light vehicles are costing them on their P&L”, Astec says. There is also a hand-back option after 12 months.

The Minerunner APV has been designed and fabricated by Astec Industries business BTI in Thornbury, Canada, and is marketed and supported in this region by Astec Australia. Astec specialises in the design, engineering, manufacture and maintenance of a range of asphalt, aggregate and mining equipment. 


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