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Case Construction Equipment celebrates 180th anniversary

Case Construction Equipment celebrates 180 years of helping construction businesses across the world

The history of Case dates back to 1842, when inventor and entrepreneur Jerome Increase Case founded the Racine Threshing Machine Works in Illinois, USA. It was the beginning of an exciting journey of entrepreneurship, ingenuity and continuous development of practical solutions to the challenges of construction job sites.

For the past 180 years, Case has been pioneering technologies that have changed the industry. It introduced the first factory-integrated backhoe loader in 1957. The more than fifty years of skid steer loader and wheel loader excellence, and numerous awards, testify to its expertise and ability for practical innovation.

The long history of important milestones are testament to Case’s capacity to evolve with the times, always remaining close to the customers with effective and innovative products and services – including an expanding offer of digital services – that deliver performance, productivity and low Total Cost of Ownership.

A widespread dealer network ensures that Case dealers are always close to customers, serving them with the world-class equipment and professional after-sales support with industry-leading warranties and flexible financing. If customers’ machines are running well, their businesses are running well.

Sustainability is in Case’s DNA and extends to all aspects of its business, focusing on four key priorities: reducing the carbon footprint of its operations and products; ensuring occupational safety on the workplace; a circular product life cycle approach to design; and actively involving the CASE people and local communities.

In product development, Case broke new ground in sustainable technologies with the introduction of the first Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) solution in the industry in 2011 and has remained at the forefront of low-emissions diesel solutions.

Case is also pioneering alternative propulsions with award-winning solutions. Project Zeus, the first electric backhoe loader in the Construction Equipment industry; Project Minotaur, which leverages the footprint of a compact track loader and the blade of a dozer to create a powerful two-in-one machine for grading and loading applications – these are the latest examples of Case’s breakthroughs in sustainable construction.

Case’s plants operate to World Class Manufacturing (WCM) standards, which set a road map to continuous improvement through the elimination of waste, leading to efficient facility management and reduced environmental impact. All CASE facilities have achieved WCM Bronze or Silver level delivering consistent high-quality products.

Case will build on this rich legacy, sustainably supporting construction businesses all over Australia with products and services that deliver practical solutions to their challenges. To help them build, lift, dig and shift. To help them make some noise.

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