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Case expands and upgrades its skid steer and compact tracked loader range

Case Construction Equipment has broadened its range of skid steer loaders and compact tracked loaders while updating engine and hydraulic power, improving breakout forces and lowering emissions.

The lineup now includes five radial lift skid steers (SR), two radial lift tracked loaders (TR), two vertical lift skid steers (SV) and one vertical lift path tracked machine (TV). The company says it is aiming to provide a machine to suit every application, with skid steer operating weights running from 2.3 tonnes to 3.8 tonnes, and tracked loaders between 3.7 tonnes and 4.6 tonnes. Tipping loads range from 1.2 tonnes to a hair under 3.5 tonnes.

Optional counterweights can be mounted on the rear of the loaders to increase operating capacities.

Case is being proactive in the adoption of Tier 4 engine emissions technology, managing to meet the standard without regeneration. For example, the mid-range SV185 and SR175 skid steers — which deliver 60hp and 67hp respectively — use turbochargers and ‘high-powered common rail fuel injection with electronic control’ to meet Tier 4, while a maintenance-free diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) system lifts compliance to the more stringent Tier 4F.


Power updates

The small-frame  SR160 replaces the SR150, offering a larger and cleaner 45kW (60hp) turbocharged Tier 4 Final engine delivering up to 15 percent more power. In addition, it delivers 27 percent more torque and a 19 percent increase in hydraulic flow

The smallest SR130 is now powered by a 2.2-litre 37kW (49hp) Tier 4 Interim engine, that uses internal cooled exhaust gas recirculation (CEGR) without the need of additional particulate filters.

The SR200 and TR270 use a 55kW (74hp) turbocharged engine that meets Tier 4i without regeneration.

The most powerful SR250, SV300, TR320 and TV380 models all use a 67kW (90hp) turbocharged engine with multiple injection high pressure common rail, plus an electronically controlled wastegate for improved pressure stability within the turbocharger. Case says “fuel injection, exhaust gas recirculation and DPF after-treatment are managed by an efficient control module, to allow this engine to meet the Tier 4i emissions standards”.


Operator comfort

The cab on all models is 25 percent wider than on previous generation machines and delivers ample headroom and legroom, reducing fatigue and boosting productivity. In addition, a wide door, repositioned grab handles and lower threshold are designed for easier entry and exit from the cab. The low threshold also gives a clear line of sight to the wheels or tracks, the attachment and the working area.

All models have suspension seating, with heated seats available as an option. When specified with full glazing the cab offers a sealed, dust-free environment with lower noise levels.

Controls are available in standard mechanical or electro-hydraulic servo levers. The latter feature multiple speed and sensitivity settings. Ride Control and Self-Levelling are also available as options.



The one-piece Case Power Stance chassis helps to transfer operating loads to the chassis, which is the strongest part of the machine, for maximum digging efficiency. It also delivers increased reliability, as the loader arm pins do not have to absorb the full working load.

In addition, a 21-percent-longer wheelbase improves stability and comfort, and permits higher lift capacities and breakout forces. “The lift arm cylinder geometry, pushing directly onto the chassis, adds to the pushing capabilities of the machines, delivering best in class bucket and lift arm breakout forces,” Case says.

A rigid track frame with fewer moving parts has been designed to deliver improved durability and require less maintenance than a suspension- type track system. The raised final drive has an oversized bearing for increased component life, and dirt and sand are kept at bay via sealed and oil-lubricated rollers and idlers.


Telematic system

An optional extra on Case its skid steers and compact tracked loaders is SiteWatch — a telematic system that links into Case Telematics web portal. It allows customers to see machines at work on site, monitoring performance, fuel consumption and hours worked, to provide planned preventative maintenance.

The system is also geo-located, so it’s able to deliver GPS tracking of the machines and geofencing of equipment on site. An accelerometer included in the modem detects unexpected machine movement, even if the engine is turned off.

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