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Cat brings 329D2 excavator to Australia and NZ

Caterpillar has announced the Australian and New Zealand availability of the new Cat 329D2 excavator, a 30-tonne model that features a C7.1 engine, a three-stage fuel-filtration system, robust major structures and cross-sensing hydraulics.

The 203-horsepower (158kW) C7.1 engine is rated to US EPA Tier 3 and EU Stage III exhaust emissions regulations and achieves a high degree of protection from dirty diesel through an advanced fuel-filtration system.

Some fuel savings are achieved through the use of an automatic engine-speed-control system which reduces the revs during no-load or light-load conditions. On the other end of the scale, maximum power can be delivered for demanding tasks through a High Horsepower Mode.

Caterpillar says the 329D2 achieves maximum hydraulic efficiency through a pilot-operated hydraulic system with two main pumps that have a cross-sensing system to use 100 percent of the engine power.

“Regeneration valves in the boom-down and stick-in circuits speed cycles, reduce hydraulic flow requirements, conserve fuel and reduce operating costs,” the company says. “Cylinder snubbers cushion shock in the boom and stick circuits to protect hydraulic components and increase operator comfort.”

In addition, auxiliary-hydraulic-valve control circuits allow the use of high- and medium-pressure work tools, such as shears, grapples, hammers, pulverisers, multi-processors and vibratory plate compactors.

The excavator is available in a long-undercarriage version, designated the 329D2 L, in the Antipodes. This version comes with a 5.9-tonne counterweight package designed to enhance heavy-lifting performance by bolting counterweights directly to the main frame for added rigidity.

Cat says both undercarriage configurations feature heavy-duty components, with lubricated/sealed track rollers and grease-lubricated/sealed track chains.

“A heavy-duty, X-shaped, box-section carbody resists torsional stress as it transfers working forces from the upper mainframe to the massive, press-formed track-roller frames,” the company says. “Structural welds are 95 percent robotic, achieving three times the penetration of manual welds.”

In the ROPS cab, the right and left joystick consoles can be adjusted to the operator’s liking, and a high-resolution LCD monitor, 40 percent larger than on previous models, alerts the operator to data such as abnormal temperatures and pressures, and filter- and fluid-change intervals, and serves as the display for an optional rearview camera.

Other cab features are improved visibility through the use of large glass areas, automatic bi-level air conditioning and fully adjustable suspension seats.

In keeping with current trends in serviceability, this digger’s upper structure service doors provide easy, ground-level access to the main pumps, pilot filter, water-separator/fuel-filter, radiator, oil coolers, charge-air cooler and fuel cooler.

“A concentrated remote greasing block on the boom delivers lubrication to difficult-to-reach components, promoting safety and ensuring that all linkage points are serviced to reduce wear and to extend component life,” Caterpillar says. “Scheduled Oil Sampling ports allow technicians to collect reliable samples of hydraulic oil, engine oil and coolant for analysis.”

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