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Cat expands E series hydraulic excavator range

Caterpillar has released 12 new Cat E series hydraulic excavator models with operating weights from 13,100kg to 53,300kg in the Australasia region.

The models include the 312E, 312E L, 314E CR, 314E LCR, 316E L, 318E L, 320E L, 320E L RR, 324E L, 329E L, 336E L and 349E L.

According to Cat, all models meet U.S EPA Tier 4-interim, EU stage IIIB, and Japan MLTI Step 4 emission standards and deliver fuel-efficiency gains from three to 12 per cent compared to their D series predecessors.

The new models feature heavy duty structures to ensure long-term durability and reliability; powerful hydraulic systems to handle a wide range of Cat buckets and work tool; and refined operator stations for comfort and convenience.

A long undercarriage, standard on most models, provides an optimum platform for digging and lifting, as well as overall balance when handling work tools such as hydraulic hammers and grapples.

Cat says the extensive range ensures there is a machine for every job. For example, the reduced-radius 320E L RR’s tail swing radius is 750mm shorter than the conventional 320E L which keeps the upper structure within the length of the tracks when working over the front, and features a larger counterweight which provides a 16 per cent increase in lift capacity.

Cat engines used across the range of new E series models (C4.4, C6.6, C7.1, C9.3 and C13) have Cat emission-control technologies that help improve fuel efficiency and environmental sustainability without compromise on performance.

Caterpillar says overall hydraulic efficiency (doing the most work with the least oil flow) is an outstanding characteristic of the E-series hydraulic systems. These systems feature high-pressure main and auxiliary control valves, electronically controlled swing priority valves that reduce cycle time, and electronic oil-regeneration valves in boom and stick circuits to reduce main pump-load.

The machines all feature heavy duty upper structures, massive car bodies (lower frames) and high-strength track-roller frames, the foundation of the undercarriage.

Front linkages for E-series machines feature booms and sticks made of high-strength steel in a strong box-section design with internal baffles for added durability.

Serviceability was improved with ground-level access to most routine service points such as pumps, filters, radiator, oil cooler and air-to-air cooler.

A standard ROPS cab and FOPS option, alongside a slew of features including anti-skid surfaces, steps on the track frame, handrails and time-delayed lights offer operators a safe and comfortable environment to work in. Powerful halogen work lights come standard whereas an optional high-intensity-discharge light provides even better night visibility.

With viscous-rubber mounts that dampen vibration and sound and ergonomically-sound controls such as low-effort joysticks, intuitive controls and a full-colour, multi-language LCD monitor, the E series hydraulic excavators is both quiet and comfortable.

Large windows ensure all-round visibility and a rear view camera system adds to visibility and safety.

Air-suspension seats with heating and reclining backs are available with cooling systems to promote comfort and productivity in harsh environments.

The new models also come with available grade-control technology and the Cat Product Link telematics system, a fleet-maintenance tool that can help protect machine health, guard against unauthorised use, reduce operating costs and increase utilisation.

For more information, visit Caterpillar Australia’s website.

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