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Cat goes high-tech with C Series trucks

Technological improvements are front and centre as Cat brings its new C Series line of large articulated haul trucks to the Australian market.

The three new models — the 745C, the 740C EJ and the 735C — build on the performance of the previous B series trucks by adding a range of automated features that Cat says will make the worksite safer and more efficient.

The 745C is the biggest of the new models, with the ability to haul a payload of up to 41 tonnes behind a 381kW Cat C18 ACERT engine. The 735C is its little brother, rated for payloads up to 32 tonnes behind a Cat C15 engine.

The odd man out in the new lineup is the 740C EJ, which combines the tractor of the 745C with a horizontal-discharge body which brings versatility and added stability when on steep grades or where vertical space is at a minimum.

The trucks feature the new Cat CX38 High Density Power Shift transmission which has nine forward speeds and two reverse as well as a number of electronic features that keep the transmission running smoothly.

Cat says the Electronic Clutch Pressure Control system modulates transmission-to-clutch engagement to ensure smooth shifting, while the Advanced Productivity Electronic Control Strategy automates the gear selection process, making sure the optimum gear is selected to ensure maximum performance and fuel efficiency.

The transmission also has a Shift Torque Management system which maintains consistent torque flow through the transmission during gear-range changes and provides automatic shift selection tailored to machine operation. Part throttle shifting allows for gear changes at lower engine speeds, resulting in improved fuel economy.

Operator safety has been improved with the addition of the Automated Traction Control (ATC) system which makes automatic adjustments to the level of engagement of the clutch, maintaining traction without the need for manual operation.

“The system maintains optimum traction for steady production, relieves the operator of manually engaging the system, helps save fuel by proportionally applying the locks based on operating conditions, and does not hinder tight-manoeuvre steering,” Caterpillar product application specialist Gary Tang says.

Safety has been further improved by the C Series’ Automatic Retarder Control system which modulates the truck’s brakes while it is descending long grades. Operators can set retarding control to either fully-automatic or manual.

“In automatic mode, the machine will fully control speed, depending on the grade, through a combination of engine compression brake, gear selection and service-brake application that is fully automatic and without operator intervention,” Tang says.

“The automatic system is available for both forward and reverse operations, and the manual system provides two levels of engagement for more experienced operators.”

Other automated features of the C series trucks include the Hill Assist system, which facilitates stopping and starting on steep grades, and the Waiting Brake system, which can automatically apply the service brakes when the when it detects pauses in the work cycle such as waiting at the dumping site or delays due to site congestion.


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