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Cat upgrades D4 dozer

A steep slope on the bonnet of Caterpillar’s updated D4 Dozer makes visibility easier for operators – and new technologies help simplify work as well.

Cat’s upgraded D4 dozer offers operators a host of new improvements

Improved sight lines, reduced operating costs and new easy-to-use technology are features of Caterpillar’s latest upgrades to the D4 dozer.

Cat tells Earthmovers & Excavators that new models of the D4, formerly known as the DK62, will be available for order from August, and are expected to arrive in Australia in the first quarter of 2022.

Available in both standard and low ground pressure models, weighing 13.2 tonnes and 14 tonnes respectively, the D4 grades smoothly with an output of 130 horsepower (97kW).

The new lower sloping hood gifts the operator 30 per cent more visibility than previously, with Cat saying the shorter sight lines cut the visual distance between the blade and a material pile by 40 per cent, making operating the D4 a more efficient process.

In cab, upgrades have also been made in the form of a new seat with improved suspension, the addition of Cat’s easy to use 10-inch touchscreen main display and a high-definition rear-view camera accessible in the main display.

Several standard Cat technology features have been included in the D4 dozer while upgrades to further technologies aims to further improve the efficiency of operation.

These include Slope Indicate, which shows machine mainfall and cross-slope on the main display; Stable Blade, which works with operator inputs to achieve smoother surfaces and Traction Control.

Customers also have the option to add the fully factory integrated Cat Grade with 3D package, which uses a GPS signal to automatically adjust blade movements (loft and tilt) as operators follow their design plan.

The new interior of the D4’s cab

With the antennas and receivers housed in a low-profile roof-mounted spoiler, the system also includes the AutoCarry function, which automates blade lift to improve load consistency and reduce track slip – all accessible through a ten-inch grade operator interface.

The D4 is built to be compatible with radios and base stations from other 3D grade systems, with those from Trimble, Topcon and Leica able to be installed on the machine.

Additional options include an Attachment Ready Option, which provides locations and brackets for the installation of third party grade control systems, a foldable variable pitch angle tilt (VPAT) blade and its Cat Grade with Slope Assist package, that Cat says “provides basic blade positioning assistance without added hardware or a GPS signal.”

Cat’s telematics technologies are also included in the D4 dozer, with the machine gathering data generated by equipment, materials and people and serving it via Product Link, VisionLink and the Cat App.

For added efficacy and security, the D4s will also have Application Profiles for particular operators, letting them save their preferred machine settings, while Remote Troubleshoot capacity will allow Cat dealers to remotely test diagnostics in the event of any issues.

These upgrades also mean the cost of maintaining the machine has also been improved, with longer service intervals allowed and oil/engine filer service intervals have been extended to 1000 hours.

 The steep bonnet slope helps improve operator visibility
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