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Cater Equipment: the used machinery specialist

Cater Equipment goes beyond selling used earthmoving machinery to offer a bespoke consultancy service for earthmoving clients, helping them find precisely the item of used machinery they need, however specialised the task

“You know what you’re doing, you love doing it, give it a crack.”

These were the words that spurred Cater Equipment owner Sam Cater into setting up his own used machinery business two and a half years ago, after a decade spent honing his craft with Volvo dealer CJD Equipment.

With support from his wife and long-term customers that saw the value of Cater’s deep knowledge of the machinery market, Cater Equipment is now sourcing and selling high quality used earthmoving equipment from around the world.

“Even once I left CJD Equipment, which I still have a great rapport with, I still had people reaching out to me to locate specific pieces of machinery they needed,” Cater says.

“I therefore decided to set up my own business; taking the skill set I had from selling new machinery and applying it to the used machinery market.”

“Where our expertise comes to the fore is in background checks and the lengths that we go to to ensure that what we’re buying represents value to our clients,” Cater says.

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He says that this is the strength of Cater Equipment, as the business goes beyond just buying and selling used machinery to provide a consultancy service that seeks to understand a client’s long-term machinery needs for upcoming projects and locate specialised items that are more difficult to find.

“We’re always trying to extend ourselves to do the jobs that others will turn their back on to try and find more uncommon pieces of equipment and we’ll leave no leaf unturned to find the right bit of equipment for a client,” Cater says.

“This means working very closely with those businesses to understand what they need, when they need it, what we can offer and how we can help meet project deadlines.

Owner Sam Cater specialises in used Volvo earthmoving equipment. Image: Cater Equipment

A different approach

Cater says that, with his experience from selling Volvo machinery through CJD Equipment, he is bringing a new equipment approach to sourcing used equipment for his client base.

This is particularly useful in the mining segment, he explains, where planning around asset disposal and procurement takes place in the longer-term and Cater Equipment’s global network of contacts can ease the process of sourcing and verifying machinery.

“We do all the background checks on the equipment, so a client has peace of mind about what they’re buying and making sure it meets their specifications before a deadline,” Cater says.

“We’re flexible and will fly anywhere to look at the machine, inspect it and do our due diligence, because the due diligence is everything. Anything that we’re looking at, we do full machinery inspections with sampling, serial number checks, etc. If there’s any doubt in our mind about what we’re buying, we pass on it.

“It’s very much a consultancy-based approach, working with the client over the course of months or years to understand what they need. Through superior networking, and the use of contacts and industry experience over decades, this gives us the ability to source the right equipment for the right projects within timelines.

“Every purchase of a machine, I treat as if I’m buying it for my own use. I have the highest standards and I would expect no less from my customers.”

For more information on Cater Equipment’s current plant for sale, visit or call Sam Cater on 0439 555 973.

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