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Caterpillar unveils redesigned 836K compactor

Caterpillar has recently released an upgraded version of its 836K landfill compactor featuring a redesigned cab, USA Tier 4 compliant engine, new wheel and tip configurations and enhanced safety and serviceability features.

New operator station

According to Caterpillar, the newly designed operator’s station makes it easier for operators to hop in and out, and comes with a standard rear-view camera for better overall visibility.

A new instrument pod features membrane switch panels and automatic temperature for added comfort while sound levels; both interior and exterior have been reduced.

In addition, the 836K’s Auto-Blade feature automatically raises the blade when the machine reverses and lowers the blade to a pre-set height when it moves forward, improving productivity and convenience.

To further enhance the 836K’s efficiency, the Cat Computer Aided Earthmoving System can be fitted with the machine. Using Global Navigation Satellite System technology and digital terrain files, the system delivers real-time information via in-cab display to assist the operator in determining the appropriate number of passes for the level of compaction required.

Improved USA Tier 4 Final emission regulations compliant engine

The compactor’s Cat C18 ACERT engine uses selective catalytic reduction to control nitrogen-oxide emissions and the Cat Clean Emissions Module – diesel particular filter (DPF), diesel oxidation catalyst, and Cat Regeneration System – to control particulate emissions.

Caterpillar says the Cat mechanical drive train in the 836K is purpose-built for the harsh waste-handling environment, ensuring positive power transmission, productivity, and efficiency over the long haul compared with alternative drive-train technologies.

New wheel configurations

The 836K can come equipped with one of three new wheel and tip configurations.

Cat claims the new Paddle Tip offer high performance and less fuel with more traction and less weight. The Plus Tip has a traditional design for increased side slope stability while the Combination Tip merges both Paddle and Plus Tips to give high performance with side slope stability,

Increased serviceability

The 836K’s routine service points are easily reached from ground level or from a single-level upper platform.

The swing-out radiator allows easy cleaning, grease points are centralised, and belly guards are hinged for easy handling.

For added safety, the compactor provides ground-level access to emergency shut-down, battery-disconnect, and stairway light switches.

Along with reduced exhaust emissions, Caterpillar says the improved 836K provides a number of fuel-saving features that helps reduce the machine’s CO2 footprint, such as its Auto Idle Kickdown and Idle Shutdown features.

The former reduces engine speed when the machine is inactive for a set time interval, while the latter stops the engine after a safe idling interval.

Caterpillar adds the new compactor is designed to last multiple lives, with robust components that allow rebuilding through Caterpillar’s Reman and Certified Rebuild programs.

Find out more on Caterpillar Australia’s website.

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