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Caterpillar updates PM300 cold planer series

The upgrades include engine power and machine throughput, with Caterpillar also adding VisionLink Productivity for its PM600 and PM800 machines

Caterpillar has announced that its PM310, PM312 and PM313 cold planer models now feature multiple design enhancements that help to improve machine performance, operating comfort and milling power.

These planers have been designed for small to medium applications where a compact machine is required.

The latest PM300 models integrate the Cat C9.3B engine that delivers an increase in gross power and more available torque, based on standard performance testing.

Offering a gross power rating of 256kW (343 horsepower), the Cat C9.3B engine features lower complexity and improved electronic, fuel and air systems. Easier access to engine oil filters simplifies maintenance, while multipiece, cartridge-style engine filters reduce waste and lower replacement costs.

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The latest PM300 series design includes a redesign of the transition flashing between primary and loading conveyors, improving containment of material and reducing build-up on the front machine frame. Further containment of material is achieved through feature enhancements to the right-hand side plate, chamber-to-conveyor sealing, and loading conveyor belt sealing. Front track deflectors positioned in front of the drive motors offer additional protection from debris impact and build-up, improving service life.

Operators can now track the cutting edge from either side of the machine thanks to the addition of an adjustable on-screen guidance line feature to the left-hand camera. Ground personnel can also now control the obstacle jump capability from the rear ground controls to improve milling efficiency.

Wide-dispersion LED working and LED roading light options for the PM310, PM312 and PM313 improve safety and visibility during milling and transportation around the jobsite. Offering the ability to be stowed when not in use, an exhaust deflector option redirects exhaust away from buildings and ground personnel to improve the working environment. The optional dust abatement ducting has been redesigned to further increase sealing and suction.

Caterpillar has also added its VisionLink Productivity for its PM600 and PM800 series cold planers to deliver real-time machine and jobsite data such as time spent idle, cutting or travelling on a site, distance cut, fuel burn, location and cycle mapping.

Image: Caterpillar
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