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CivilWorks app helps get rid of on-site errors

A new iOS and Android app called CivilWorks aims to help managers and supervisors stay up to date with on-site civil construction activity.

Created by On-Site Civil Solutions, the easy-to-use app lets frontline workers perform calculations, input data and email their results to those in charge when they need signing-off on critical work decisions.

“Rework — and its lost productivity, ballooning timeframes and added costs — is a global problem,” company director Shane Dodd says.” In fact, it’s estimated that Australian contractors lose around $177 million-plus annually doing rework caused by on-site calculation errors and poor communication systems.”

This app handles sewer main and drainage construction calculations, civil engineering calculations, road and civil construction formulas, and civil volume calculations.

Specifically, it calculates, converts and adjust grades, determines the correct values for setting reduced levels, new benchmarks and jump up heights. In addition, it performs basic area calculations, as well as cube, cylinder, stockpile and select trench backfill volume calculations that you can set to include weight conversion factors specific to the material you’re using.

To do this, the app is divided into five sections: Grade & Level Calculator; Area, Volume & Weight Calculator; Ground Conditions; Asset Recording; and Set Out a Point.

CivilWorks retains all the on-site data on-screen to make sure errors do not occur. Calculations, input data and results can then be emailed, at the touch of a button, to supervisors for approval, ordering and confirmation.

“Importantly,” Dodd says, “this email record also supports and promotes traceability, accountability and archiving for project management, which until now has been unachievable.”

The app is very easy to use, but On-Site Civil Solutions has provided an in-app link to handy You Tube instructional videos for those who need a bit of guidance.

While CivilWorks was originally designed for the civil construction sector — specifically, construction labourers, excavators and pipeline installers — the developer says it’s really a general ‘tradies tool’ and is also being used by farmers, landscapers, truck drivers and plumbers.

The app is free to download and gives you a limited free trial. After that, the service will cost you less than $10 a year to use.


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