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Coffee cups being trialled for road building

Australian Flexible Pavement Association (AfPA) members are trialling the use of recyclable material to build new roads

AfPA members AviJohn Contracting and State Asphalts NSW, in collaboration with Landcom will use recyclable material (coffee cups) to build new roads at its Panorama community development project in the Wilton Growth Area south of Sydney.

The trial is set to introduce environmentally conscious practices that prioritise recycling and reduce the carbon footprint of road building.

This Australian-first road construction initiative recognises the need to shift towards more sustainable outcomes as the construction industry currently accounts for up to 10 per cent of Australia’s total emissions.

More than 126,000 coffee cups will be recycled to produce 630 metres of asphalt paved during the trial.

Landcom aims to use more recycled materials in its roads if this trial is successful, leading to greener and more sustainable developments in NSW.

Approximately 3,650 car tyres have also been, or will be, recycled in the asphalt for the other roads in the Stage one civil works at North Wilton, along with 280 tonnes of recycled asphalt pavement.

This mix will not only provide a solution for end-of-life tyres but also enhances the performance of asphalt, as industry field research has shown significant improvement in durability.

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