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Coleman Equipment continues to deliver

Despite global supply chain difficulties, the team at Coleman’s Equipment has kept its key customers in regular supply of quality equipment

Coleman Equipment have delivered a range of quality used earthmoving and civil construction equipment to its loyal client base

Based out of Orange and Wollongong in NSW, Coleman’s Equipment specialises in supplying low-hour, late-model, quality used earthmoving and civil construction equipment as well as off-road water carts.

Coleman’s Equipment business operations manager Jeremy Frew says the company had benefitted from the reputation and connections of owner and managing director Mark Coleman, developed in his over 20 years of doing business.

“One of the key things that the business has built its excellent reputation on is the physical inspection of machines prior to purchase, and the fact that we own our equipment – we are not selling someone else’s,” Frew says.

“Now, with COVID-19, we weren’t able to do that but, based on those long-term relationships and trust between us and our suppliers, we were able to continue to procure very, very high quality machines, both domestically and internationally, without having to inspect them, because of those trusted relationships and processes we have in place.

“All that work over those years and all those miles on planes and time away from family has enabled us to continue to procure and secure machinery in a market that is depleted, and good quality, low- hour, predominantly Caterpillar machinery, to bring it into the Australian market and allow our clients to continue to operate efficiently,” he says.

But it was not only in the quality second-hand market that Coleman’s Equipment connections enabled the company to meet and exceed customer demand.

Its partnership with large US-based manufacturing company Curry Supply Co – providing its line of offroad water tanks for articulated and rigid off-road trucks across the country – also saw it provide these difficult-to-source vehicles in a narrow timeframe.

“Coleman’s Equipment’s relationships with both Curry Supply Co and a number of local suppliers have enabled the business to continue to perform and supply customers with what they need during a particularly hard period from a supply perspective,” Frew says.

The relationship with Curry Supply goes back about 15 years but has seen Coleman’s Equipment become one of the company’s largest off-road truck suppliers globally, and that is predominantly to the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Coleman’s Equipment can fit Curry tanks directly onto Caterpillar 725/C, 730/C, 740/B and 745/C and Volvo A25/E/F, A30/E/F/G and A40/E/F/G articulated dump trucks, as well as Caterpillar 772, 773E/F/G and 777 D/E/F/G rigid trucks. It can also fit them to Komatsu, John Deere, Bell, Terex and Hydrema models on request.

Frew says the trucks have been used for everything from dust suppression at open pit and underground mines through to Civil Construction and major infrastructure projects.

“We do have a very strong relationship with the owners of Curry Supply, to the degree you could call it an undocumented joint venture,” Frew says.

This has enabled Coleman’s to suggest a series of Australia-specific modifications, including changes such as developing adjustable spray heads and protection controls to help prevent damage to the tanks in operation, while using technology to assist operators and clients.

“We have done some modifications to enable the tanks to go underground in the mines, so lowering their height, moving cannons to the rear of the trucks, as opposed to the top right where they usually are, things like that,” Frew says.

All fitting works and most servicing takes place at Coleman’s Equipment’s purpose-built workshop and equipment yard at its headquarters in Orange, where it stocks a large inventory of spare parts to support customers Australia-wide and in New Zealand.

The company also has access to a large workshop & quarantine wash and mechanical facility in Wollongong, meaning machines can go straight from Port Kembla to be processed and prepared, and can be dispatched to the new owner directly from Wollongong.

“Our turnaround time is very quick, and we’re not a huge business with hundreds of people – we have got a strong, knowledgeable and productive workforce who are working for our customers,” Frew says.

“The benefit of our business is that it is quality, low-hour equipment available now, not brand-new equipment in 12 months’ time… we are a high-quality agile business that can service your needs in a short period of time, all based on developing long standing relationships.”

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