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CompAir introduces energy efficient refrigerant compressed air dryer range

Compressor supplier CompAir Australasia has announced the launch of the FX series range of energy efficient refrigerant compressed air dryers.

With flow capacities from 0.5 to 90.10 m3/min, CompAir claims
the new range can satisfy the requirements for clean and dry
compressed air for a wide variety of applications and industry

According to CompAir, air treatment is a prerequisite wherever
clean and dry compressed air is required and that it is a necessity
for critical applications such as those found in the medical,
pharmaceutical, food and beverage sectors.

The company adds it is also very important for any application
that relies on compressed air as part of the production

Compressed air is saturated with water as well as other
atmospheric contaminants in addition to dirt and oil. CompAir says
untreated compressed air not only adversely affects the end product
being manufactured, but it also jeopardises the integrity of
associated components, equipment and processes.

CompAir has developed the FX series range of refrigerant
compressed air dryers to effectively meet the requirements for dry
compressed air.

According to CompAir, the FX compressor range allows for
efficient and environmentally friendly removal of moisture, oil,
and moisture borne contaminants from compressed air.

For flow capacities up to 1.6 m3/min, the FXS series models are
ideal. CompAir claims the models produce pure, clean and dry
compressed air from a simple, yet robust and sophisticated
refrigerant dryer design.

CompAir adds that the excellent dew point performance of the FXS
series produces high quality compressed air. These models are ideal
for point of use applications such as in hospitals and laboratories
as they are both quiet in operation and have a small footprint. A
static condenser and waste heat recovery system further ensures an
energy efficient solution with the lowest operating costs.

The larger FXR series models, for flow capacities starting at
2.5 m3/min, utilise an advanced stainless steel plate heat
exchanger as well as advanced separation and refrigeration
technology for optimum life cycle costs as well as dependable and
energy efficient operation.

The largest models in the range, the FXT series comes with a
System Control Monitor II LED display. The display provides key
information such as chiller inlet and discharge refrigerant
temperatures , and optimises energy usage by intuitively adapting
to system needs.

CompAir says the new FX air dryer series are easy to install and
simple to connect. Flow capacity ranges from 0.5-90.10 m3/min.
R-134a or R-407c environmentally friendly refrigerant is used in
all of the FX series models.

To accompany the launch of the FX series refrigerant compressed
air dryers, CompAir has launched a new iPad App which allows the
user to calculate the size of refrigerant compressed air dryer they
require and gives users more information on the new FX series
compressed air dryer range.

Alternatively, you can find out more about the FX air dryer
range on CompAir’s

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