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Conplant adds Rammax 1575 trench rollers to fleet

Compaction equipment specialist Conplant has unveiled the Ammann Rammmax 1575 trench roller to the Australian market, available for sale or hire.

A main attraction of the new Rammax 1575 trench roller, according to Conplant, is its infrared remote control system that provides excellent control of the roller regardless of condition and location.

Conplant says improved placement of dual receivers on the roller plus specifically engineered new hood shapes have resulted in smooth reception, constant connection and no dead spots.

The improvements combine the “line of sight” control safety of existing Rammax infrared controls with the operational benefit of eliminating dead spots in situations such as when passing under a trench box.

Conplant National Sales Manager Jim Harris says investing in the infrared remote control technology is of paramount importance to the company to show its commitment towards delivering higher safety standards to its customers.

“We believe that the line of sight operational requirement provides significantly greater safety than radio remote control, where inadvertent and unsighted operation can occur,” he says.

“With multiple frequencies available and with line of sight operation ensuring that each remote control operates a single machine, it is possible to have multiple machines operating without interference on a site, which is a potential risk for radio remote controls.”

In addition to improved dual receivers, some advances in the system include solar charged battery for the transmitter and a smooth curved shape hood design to avoid interference with the line of sight from transmitter to receivers.

Harris adds there is more to the Rammax 1575 rollers than the excellent infrared technology.

“The osciallting articulation joint means that all four drums maintain contact with the ground regardless of conditions,” he says.

“That means improved stability and performance.”

Other features of the Rammax 1575 include hydraulic drive to all four drums, a central lifting eye and low maintenance design, including the maintenance-free articulation joint.

Dual amplitude is standard on the Rammax 1575 to facilitate use in a range of soil types. The fully automatic engine control system reduces engine rpm to idle during standstill helping to reduce fuel consumption and noise emission.

The Rammax 1575 also features twin steering cylinders for fast powerful articulation.

For more information, visit Conplant’s website.

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