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Crescent reinvents nail-pulling pliers

Crescent has eased the pain of pulling nails and staples with its new Code Red Nail Pulling Pliers.

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The simple but clever hand tool uses parallel jaws to grip the nail or staple, and a curved foot to take maximum leveraged force and leave less damaged than traditional tools.

“The racing red, ergonomically designed, comfortable grip allows for one hand operation so your work will be done quick as a flash,” Crescent says.

More seriously, the company says the Code Red Nail Pulling Pliers will work “no matter the degraded state of the nail head, whether it is in the front or back of the material, how stubbornly fixed it is or where the staple or fastener is located”.

The $38.50 RRP tool is designed to pull finishing nails, floor staples, wire and coaxial staples, headed nails and brads.

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