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CSIRO and Swinburne focus on green steel

CSIRO and Swinburne have partnered to tackle global decarbonisation with innovative green steel and mineral processing research and development

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and Swinburne University of Technology have partnered with the aim of tackling global decarbonisation.

The collaboration will build national research capability to help investigate low-emission steel technologies to guide future demonstrations and industry development, Swinburne University says.

Dubbed the Sustainable Mineral Processing and Green Steel Program, this partnership will address key net zero challenges for the mineral resources industry – including developing low-carbon routes for iron, steel and critical metals, as well as improving recycling technologies.

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“Swinburne is thrilled to be working with CSIRO on another program, this time using our combined strength in decarbonisation and green steel,” Swinburne chief scientist professor Virginia Kilborn says.

“The university has a long-standing relationship with CSIRO, linking world-class capability across a vast range of strategic research areas.”

As part of CSIRO’s Sustainable Energy & Resources’ Challenge two focus areas include developing new technologies and processes for producing low-emissions iron and steel and increasing the supply of value-added critical materials.

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