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Dean Trailers and Skiddy join forces to produce “safest, strongest” trailers

Australian trailer companies Dean Trailers and Skiddy have recently joined forces to design and build what they believe is the strongest, most durable and safest range of trailers available.

NSW based Dean Trailers owner Chris Guy says the new Tag A Long range can cater to businesses needing to safely and efficiently transport construction and earthmoving equipment.

“When you’ve invested in the best possible equipment to help you earn a living, the last thing you need is to be let down by a trailer that isn’t up to the job,” Guy says.

“Operators need a trailer that is light for easy towing, strong and durable to deal with harsh worksite conditions and, above all else, designed with safety in mind. “

Guy says the quality of the design, materials and workmanship used in building the trailers makes their models stand out from the rest.

“They’re all Australian steel, made by all Australian labour.”

Melbourne based Skiddy’s Tag A Long Trailers owner Rod Skidmore says the trailers were kept light and strong so they perform better and last longer.

“We use both a pre-fab chassis and a universal beam and we pay attention to detail, including rolling our trailers over when we paint and blast them for a better finish,” he says.

There are six models altogether in the Tag A Long range, including single axle, tandem axle and tri axle trailers. Load capacity starts at 9 tonnes gross trailer mass (GTM) up to 30 tonnes GTM for the larger models.

“While the single axle trailers are ideal for smaller skid steers or excavators, the tandem axle models are perfect for equipment like excavators, rollers and graders,” Skidmore adds.

“The tandem axle models can cart loads of between 12 and 16 tonnes.”

The range of trailers is built with a low deck height of 90 to 100 centimetres and features an increased suspension height, with the aim of improving safety and stability.

“The underslung suspension height of approximately 20 cm, nine leaf suspension pack and higher rate of ply tyres make the Tag A Long trailer range exceptionally stable,” Skidmore says.

“This is particularly important on the kind of rough terrain you tend to see on most job sites. A trailer that can handle the big bumps without losing its load will result in a much safer worksite all round.”

Skidmore adds it’s not entirely up to the equipment to ensure the safety of the operators.

“Safety also includes how you load the trailer,” he says.

I’ve been an equipment operator for a long time so I know what operators need. I know how to best load the trailer for maximum stability and efficiency.”

“Providing expert advice is all part of the service.”

Spring loaded drive-on ramps on the single axle models enables simple loading of equipment.

“As the trailers increase in size the ramps are hydraulically activated. This makes them easy to use and contributes to the stability of the overall rig,” Dean Trailers’ Chris Guy says.

Tag A Long trailers can also be custom built to suit most requirements. They also include a toolbox, water tank, spare wheel carrier and spare wheel as standard.

“We’ve kept prices as low as possible for the Tag A Long trailer range and believe they will prove ideal for operators in a variety of industries with a variety of requirements,” Guy says.

The trailer range comes with a 12-month warranty but both owners believe the quality of the trailers will mean years of faithful service from both proprietors.

“These trailers are built for a long life and we know how to build a trailer that lasts,” Guy says.

“At Dean Trailers we’ve had people come back for servicing for trailers they bought here in the 1970s.”

Trailer safety tips:

  • Check your lights – brake and indicators. Check plugins are secure and undamaged
  • Connect your safety chains
  • Check tyre pressure
  • Check tailgate pins are secure
  • Check all tie down straps are secure and inspect regularly for damage
  • Ensure registration plate is visible at all times.
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