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Deere debuts intelligent boom control

Dual joystick boom controls help boost productivity in John Deere’s new 900 MH Series tracked forestry harvester

Intelligent Boom Control provides intuitive operator assistance by providing consistent and smooth operation on the job

John Deere has announced its latest operator assistance control feature – Intelligent Boom Control (IBC) – which will be included on the 900 MH-Series tracked forestry harvester.

Using the IBC feature, operators are afforded even more assistance when operating the tracked harvester and are no longer required to control each independent boom function separately.

Instead, one single joystick moves the boom tip horizontally while a second guides it vertically. The feature also automatically controls swing speed based on the overall position of the attachment.

The result of using IBC is faster cycle times and more precise control. The smooth and fluid motion of the IBC also dampens functional change of direction, John Deere says, to better protect boom structures from wear.

John Deere product marketing manager Jim O’Halloran says the IBC technology will continue to help the forestry sector and boost productivity when in use.

“The continuous product development, new features and the updating of systems and solutions are integral parts of John Deere’s way of operating,” O’Halloran says.

“Intelligent Boom Control is an example of an important operator assistance feature that we will continue to evolve throughout full tree forestry.

“Developing solutions for our customers’ needs is our number one priority, and investing in innovation, like IBC, is an example that helps the overall productivity and profitability for the whole machine life cycle.”

IBC is now available on 953MH and 969MH tracked loaders where is can be utilised for applications such as reaching and securing trees for harvest and more.

Intelligent Boom Control and its introduction on tracked machinery follows a worldwide focus and collaboration by John Deere’s Wheeled Cut-to-Length and Full-Tree Forestry teams, to implement field-proved features for operator and machine performance on tracked products.

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