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Video review: Detank DE150BD excavator

In this video review the 14.5-tonne Detank DE150BD excavator gets a thumbs-up from EVARN COVICH after a workout in Bli Bli, Queensland.

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Particularly impressive is the cab, which is very well thought out and gives excellent visibility all around.

“The inside of the cab is very good,” Evarn says. “It’s very spacious … even a big fella like me can stretch his legs out without any worries.”

Helping with this is the ability to move the seat and the controls independently so anyone will be able to get into a comfortable position.

There’s a whole lot more to like about this new model from Detank, a relative newcomer to the excavator scene. For more info watch the video above and read Evarn’s full review here.

“We’ve given the machine a bit of a work out and I’m quite impressed by the performance,” Evarn says. “It’s a very fact machine – very responsive. It can also climb very well.

“Overall it’s a good all-round machine that can be used to do the tight little job or bulk out dirt very quickly.”  

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Video: Nic Leggat

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