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Develon introduces HB-Series hydraulic breakers

Formerly branded as Doosan, Develon has expanded its attachment offering by launching its HB-Series hydraulic breakers to the US market

The new HB06H and HB15FH are engineered for high-performance, durability and ease of maintenance, Develon says.

Specifically designed to work in rough conditions, Develon says the hydraulic breakers are suited to demolition, mining, quarry and general construction applications.

“The HB-series breakers offer a new concept, with high performance and a simplified design,” Develon product and dealer marketing manager Jacob Sherman says.

“They are specifically optimised and fully certified for select Develon 6-metric-ton (5.4-tonne) mini excavators and 14-metric-ton (12.7-tonne) crawler and wheel excavators.

“The HB-series breakers provide the highest possible productivity, whether the excavator operator is breaking concrete or rock.”

These new attachments are compatible with Develon’s DX62R-7 and DX63-7 mini excavators, the DX140LC-7 and DX140LCR-7 crawler excavators and the DX140W-7 wheel excavator.

Develon says the HB06H and HB15FH breakers boast high-quality materials and components which ensures they last for a long time.

“The breakers’ durability is enhanced through an advanced heat treatment process and the use of quality materials for key components, such as the cylinder and piston,” Develon announced.

A low-noise housing is also provided, which makes work easier for operators when working in areas where noise levels must be controlled.

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