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Diamond Mowers are clear cut winners for Colbrook Industries

With new additions to the lineup, Diamond Mowers has been turning heads of late – helped by its local distributor Colbrook Industries

Diamond Mowers have been built for durability and performance

Colbrook Industries has been responsible for distributing the  range of Diamond Mowers around the country since 2017.

But not only is the Australian family owned and operated business the sole local distributor of Diamond Mower products, the business also services all of Asia, Oceania and New Zealand.

Operating out of Altona North in Victoria, the demand for Diamond Mower products Down Under is continuing to grow – underpinned by both the quality of the machines and the old school customer service ethos of the Colbrook team.

The South Dakota-based forestry brand manufactures a range of attachments and machines for a variety of applications including mulchers and rotary mowers for excavators, and forestry disc and drum mulchers, stump grinders and rotary mowers for skid steers.

Also available are attachments for tractors, which feature a three-point linkage self-contained hydraulic boom with power take-off drive, and wheel loaders, consisting of a self-contained unit also on a boom, which add value and versatility to existing assets.

The Diamond Mower brand has become ubiquitous with the forestry game, receiving glowing reviews from former NFL quarterback and current farmer, Brett Favre, and, according to Colbrook business manager Hayley Plageman, there is simply no brand better.

“There’s really nothing on the market that will compare to Diamond Mowers, just for their durability and performance,” she says.

“They’re the name to have if you’re in the forestry industry or, if you’re looking at doing land clearing, you’ll always end up with a Diamond and they’ll serve you well.

“Diamond Mowers just perform and last. They’re such a good product, they sell themselves.”

While the Diamond Mower range of forestry attachments extends across several different earthmoving machines, the skid steer attachments are widely regarded as the brand’s magnum opus.

Suitable for clearing brush and trees, Diamond’s skid steer disc mulchers can cut wood of up to 14-inches (35.6cm) in diameter and mulching wood up to 6-inches (15cm) in diameter, making it ideal for land clearing applications.

Traditionally, the disc mulcher was available with only a 60-inch (152cm) cutter for larger, high-powered skid steers, but Diamond Mowers also released the new 40-inch (102cm) version in 2021 – something Plageman says has opened up the market for mid-sized skid steer operators wanting to get into the mulching and land clearing scene.

Diamond’s SK disc mulcher Pro X also benefits from a unique design that helps reduce fuel consumption, to lower operating costs and to facilitate maintenance of the mulcher. The mulcher’s disc, that the teeth are bolted onto, function akin to a flywheel in an engine.

“Your carrier’s hydraulics aren’t directly driving the spindle because once you get that big disc spinning, the inertia just keeps it spinning,” Plageman says.

“When you get stuck into trees and heavy vegetation, you will hear your carrier push more hydraulic flow through to the machine to get the disc back up to speed, and the inertia built up will keep it spinning and you will feel your machine relax.

“Some carriers can be prone to overheating because the hydraulics are having to work hard with some other attachment brands, whereas the Diamond Mowers don’t, making them the ideal solution for warmer environments as the hydraulics aren’t having to work as hard all of the time.”

Since taking the brand on, Colbrook Industries has established a loyal customer base for Diamond, which Plageman says has been driven by face-to-face business with customers.

“We want to offer something different to the market. It’s old school customer service,” she says.

“When you call our team, you speak to people who are passionate about the product. We carry a selected product range, so we know our products inside and out.

“We stock a large range of machines and parts in our Melbourne warehouse. With these unpredictable and uncertain times, we want to carry as much stock as we can, to be able to keep our customers up and running.

“Our customers become incredibly loyal. They buy one product from us, and they will often buy another. It’s almost like they will find another application so they can buy another Diamond Mower product from us.”

Colbrook Industries will be on hand at the National Diesel Dirt and Turf Expo at Sydney Dragway where its range of Diamond Mowers will be available to view.

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