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Doherty couplers provide precision for excavation business

Queensland based business Severn Excavations specialises in plant hire and underground excavation services and relies on Doherty’s couplers to deliver its projects effectively and safely.

The company says its work requires a lot of digging underground where gas, power and water lines lie abundant. It adds one small slip-up can not only cause significant financial losses but also pose a risk to the operator’s health and safety.

Severn Excavations Managing Director Craig Severn says the company’s services are specialised therefore possessing the right equipment is of vital importance.

“One slip up could be very costly which is why we need attachments that give us the best control and manoeuvrability,” he says.

“We’re currently using the Doherty Snaplock+ Tilt coupler because it enables us to work around underground services confidently.”

Severn first started using the Doherty range back in early 2012 when he purchased his first coupler.  Since then he has upgraded much of his equipment and is so far impressed with the improvements to the latest Snaplock+ range.

“I like the fact its dual pin locking, has a compact design, as well as being really simple to operate,” he says.

“The central lifting lug is ideal in my line of work too.”

Severn started out as an excavator sales rep in the industry before starting his own contracting business. His years of experience have taught him the importance of machinery attachment and quality as well as the health and safety of his employees.

“Quality and precision operation is absolutely critical in this industry,” Severn says.

“The latest Snaplock+ attachment range is ideal for our needs.”

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