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Doosan debuts ‘smart’ DX225LC-7X excavator in Europe

Doosan debuts ‘Smart’ version of its DX225LC-7X excavator for the European market

The DX225LC-7X excavator features full electric hydraulic (FEH) technology and fully electric joysticks and pedals

Doosan has launched its first ‘smart excavator’, the DX225LC-7X, to the European market.

With full electric hydraulic (FEH) technology, full electric joysticks and pedals and integrated 2D machine guidance as standard, the DX225LC-7X is designed to help operators work faster and more efficiently.

The new FEH technology is a virtual bleed off (VBO) system without pilot pressure lines, similar to the system incorporated on the standard DX225LC-7 model.

The FEH system sends electric signals to the controller when the excavator is in use, providing faster and more precise information.

This information is then used to help the excavator deliver the exact amount of oil required for hydraulic functions, helping to eliminate back pressure and energy loss.

This results in more energy being stored and roughly eight per cent less fuel consumed than the previous DX225LC-5 model, on top of the seven per cent fuel saving provided by the standard DX225LC-7 model.

The 23.3-tonne machine also boasts a semi-automatic 2D machine guidance control system and comes equipped with a 1.23 cubic metre bucket, making it capable of digging at depths of up to 6590mm, with a reach of 9865mm.

Additional features for the DX225LC-7X are also being prepared, including the choice to upgrade to the full Trimble GPS 3D system, a tilting bucket for 2D machine guidance and a plug and play Engcon tiltroator.

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