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Concrete contractor counts on Terex

Moving and laying concrete is part and parcel of contracting business Dowsing Concrete’s work, hence it invests only in the latest machinery such as the Terex TA6S swivel dumper to carry out its jobs.

The WA-based family owned business specialises in the preparation and excavation of building sites, removal and disposal of waste, concrete and asphalt laying, traffic management, reticulation repairs and realignment and reinstatement of lawn verges.

A recent project to construct three new football playing fields for the City of Swan Council presented a challenge to the business due to the soft, sandy composition of the ground, which prevented the use of conventional trucks.

However, business owner Bohdan Dowsing found the solution to the issue in the Terex TA6S six tonne all-wheel drive swivel dumper.

The project involved removal of material to construct a three metre-wide walkway that runs through and connects the different playing fields within the new sports reserve. The material removed has to be then dumped ready for re-use on the next stage of construction.

“Our decision to use the Terex site dumper has been a major time saver on this project, being able to travel across almost any terrain at speeds up to nearly 30 kilometres per hour,” Dowsing says.

“We can see many applications for the dumper in our work constructing decorative landscaping features, or kilometres of footpath.”

“Investments in equipment like this enable us to lay concrete efficiently over large area while maintaining complete quality control.”

According to Terex, some major features of the machine that deems it great for use in most construction, earthmoving and rail works include:

  • High manoeuvrability
  • Simple design and controls that allow operators of any skill level to use the machine
  • Forward tipping mechanism designed for accurate placement of high volume materials
  • Wet disc brakes and rapid dumping
  • Chassis and engine canopies designed to give maximum access to all service areas from ground level
  • Thick steel skip base plate with reinforced box sections
  • High ground clearance and low centre of gravity for safety and stability
  • Power Tip and Power Swivel functions that allow either forward tipping or effective placement of the load to either side – a feature useful for trench filling or small sites.

Terex site dumpers are sold and serviced in Australia by CEG Distributors

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