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Dynaset HRVB hydraulic recycling vacuum bucket wins gold

Dynaset’s vacuum bucket was awarded the top prize at the Intermat Innovation Awards 2024

Dynaset’s HRVB hydraulic recycling vacuum bucket was awarded a gold medal in the Earthworks, Demolition & Transport category at the Intermat Innovation Awards 2024. The ceremony was held on the evening of April 24, where Dynaset CEO Anni Karppinen and R&D director Pasi Yli-Kätkä received the prize.

The Dynaset HRVB hydraulic recycling vacuum bucket combines the movability of a traditional excavator bucket with a powerful vacuum cleaner and an air blower. The attachment utilises the hydraulic power of compatible mobile machines to generate a strong vacuum for efficient waste sorting and debris collection.

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“The HRVB hydraulic recycling vacuum bucket is a fantastic solution for material collection and recycling for anyone working in the demolition industry,” Karppinen says.

“Thanks to the increased recycling rate, waste management fees will also decrease.

“This product offers significant benefits for maintenance and cleaning operations in other industries as well.”

In second place, Duratray International was awarded a prize for its Smart Tray – an advanced dump tray for mining and construction trucks. The Smart Tray can monitor its structural condition and wear and report to the user online and in real time.

In third place, Steelwrist was given an award for its Open-S Standard – a global standard for fully automatic quick couplers.

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