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Efficiency boosted with new Cat 988K XE wheel loader

An electric drive system on Cat’s new 988K XE wheel loader slashes emissions, but that’s not the only improvement

Cat’s new 988K XE wheel loader is faster and more efficient

The newest model of Cat’s 988K XE wheel loader, currently available in Australia, boasts upgrades that enable greater speeds and an increased hydraulic breakout force, the manufacturer says.

Using Cat’s switch reluctance electric drive technology, the manufacturer says the wheel loader is 25 per cent more efficient than the standard 988K model, with that figure rising to 49 per cent in face-loading applications.

Cat says that, compared to the mechanical drive model, operating through the electric drive system achieves an emissions reduction equivalent to powering approximately 10 homes for a year.

Also featured on the new 988K XE model is a new steering and integrated control valve, which reduces noise by up to 47 per cent while giving the operator precise control with minimal arm movements.

Production has been boosted by up to five per cent thanks to an increased hydraulic breakout force and improved rimpull. The new rimpull control system reduces the likelihood of wheel slippages without reducing the machine’s hydraulic efficiency.

Similarly, a new positive flow hydraulic system increases efficiency, bucket feel and responsiveness.

The updated design improves cycle times in load and carry applications, while an optional counterweight helps to increase stability and offer faster manoeuvrability.

Inside the cab, the addition of a new go-pedal features three breaking levels; providing operators with a more comfortable single right-hand pedal operation.

The Cat Vision system is included as standard, and operators can view data in real-time from the cabin, including accurate weighing of loaded materials through the Cat Payload system.

In all, the 988K XE can offer a rated payload of 11.3 tonnes for face material and 14.5 tonnes of loose material. The loader can be equipped with a range of buckets between of between 4.7 and 13 cubic metres. It also comes Cat Autodig features, including standard tyre slip prevention as standard and Auto Set Tyres and Lift Stall prevention as optional extras.

Specific auto set tyres are available to reduce slip and wear.

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