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Electric crane prototype unveiled by Deutz

They won’t come into production until 2023, but electric cranes are not a dream, says Deutz.

Deutz and Japanese crane manufacturer Maeda unveil the CC 1485 crawler crane

Engine manufacturer Deutz has developed an all-electric mini crawler crane prototype in collaboration with Japanese manufacturer Maeda as it seeks to develop more environmentally friendly machines.

A prototype of the CC 1485 crawler crane was unveiled at the Deutz Days trade event in Cologne, Germany, as another eco-friendly alternative in the crane market.

The CC 1485 produces zero emissions, making it attractive for construction sites while not yielding on its performance levels in the field, it says. Powered by a 360-volt lithium-ion battery, the crane produces 40kW of power and has a load capacity of up to six tonnes.

Full production of the CC 1485 is expected to commence in 2023.

At the crane unveiling, Deutz chief technology officer Dr Markus Muller said that “environmentally friendly construction sites are now a reality, not a distant dream.

“The CC 1485 is already fully functional. Our electric drive is quiet, efficient and emission-free, even when used on a building site.”

The CC 1485 is Maeda’s first development using Deutz’s electronic technology and the most powerful of its crane series.

Maeda spokesperson Tomiaki Habasaki says the manufacturers were pleased to partner with Deutz.

“Maeda has already been in the electrified vehicle market with its small ‘spider-crane’ in Europe,” says Habasaki.

“We are experiencing a strong pick-up in demand from our customers for environmentally-friendly products.

“In order to electrify our crawler crane, we decided on a joint development with Deutz, as Deutz is known for its proven technology and experience in electrified drive trains for off-highway equipment.”

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